Selling on Amazon as a Foreign Entity – Part 1: Creating a Seller Account

Want to open an Amazon seller account? Individuals and companies from 186 countries can do so according to the latest official list of countries accepted for seller registration (login required). So, unless you are from a banned country (eg Russia, Belarus), you can probably register as a seller.

All you need is a valid phone number, credit card, and proof of residency or business. At least that’s what the guide says. In fact, foreign sellers on Amazon have to go through a few more hurdles before they can sell. Read on to find out what they are and how to overcome them.

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account as a Foreign Entity

Earlier in the year, we talked about what you need to do when you create your Amazon account. As noted at the time, the process may vary from one market to another. But creating an Amazon seller account generally involves all the steps shown in the tutorial below.

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