Selling Digital Products On Etsy In 2023 Best Practices

Selling digital products on Etsy

How To Sell Digital Products on Etsy in 2023 (Simplified)

How To Sell Digital Products on Etsy in 2023 (Simplified)


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Digital products on Etsy are available in various formats from calendars, eBooks, business cards, personal planners and so many more. Instant gratification by not having to wait for a product to arrive is a key factor behind its high demand throughout the year.

Therefore, making selling digital products on Etsy among the most lucrative niche for sellers and one of the sought after product categories for shoppers.

digital products rise in demand

Most importantly, selling digital products on Etsy eliminates all sorts of dependencies (inventory sync, overselling, underselling, bulk upload) that would otherwise have halted your selling operation.

Launching and Building Business of Selling Digital Products On Etsy is Comparatively Easy

So, are you planning to sell digital products on Etsy but still in a dilemma which digital products to choose or how to sell digital products on Etsy?

Here’s your in depth guide into the nitty gritty of selling digital products on Etsy and scaling it with tried and tested tips.

Why Sell Digital Downloads On Etsy? Is It Profitable?

There are very few products that can be created once and can be sold hundreds of thousands of times. Digital products are one of them and on the bright side, these products don’t require a warehouse for storage as well need not be shipped to reach on time.

Having said that, shouldn’t you be interested in selling digital products on Etsy? After all, there is consistent demand and are free from usual worries associated with physical products.

How Much Can You Make Selling Digital Products On Etsy

At the start your earnings can be as little as $10-100 a week but it can go as high as $93K or even more.

Kayla leveraged her creativity to earn her first $1000 in 4 months . But, she reached $93K during her 2nd year on Etsy by selling printable business planners.

selling digital products how much can i earn

Image credit- ammarosedesigns

Three decisive factors in scaling etsy store selling digital products on Etsy are

  • Since the launch of the store till making the first 1000 sales consider it as your full time job.
  • When things don’t work out as expected, focus on the hit and trial method.
  • Invest more to reach more customers at fast pace

Other factors that also come into play when you plan to sell digital products on Etsy are niche, pricing, and product.

The Pro Tip – Esnuring your listing is optimized for smooth shopping experience is key to stable conversion rate.

Therefore, you too can go from a newbie seller of digital downloads to knowing the nitty gritty of what all it takes to grow an Etsy business by selling digital downloads.

Which Digital Downloads Can You Sell On Etsy

Digital products to sell on Etsy high profit

Top Selling Digital Products On Etsy

Selling digital products on Etsy sounds lucrative and easy due to no shipping, no inventory, low cost,and high profit margin.

Having said that, low entry barriers attract more sellers to give it a shot. Therefore, one must be aware of the hot selling digital products to double the chance of success.

After all, having a competitive advantage will help in growing your sales figure.

types of digital products sell on Etsy


Digital wallpapers adoption has increased with rising demand for customized wallpapers. Keep the designs unique and trendy, such that shoppers take notice of your products at first glance.
Moreover, the digitally printed wallpaper market is forecasted to be around USD 119.1 billion by 2029.

digital wallpapers Image credit: Etsy


Digital calendars enable better productivity and have emerged as an updated version of traditional calendars. People love the fact collaborating with colleagues without clash over date is possible with digital calendars.

The constant demand for calendars throughout the year can fetch you monthly sales between $50-$5000.

digital calender

Image credit: Etsy

Lightroom Presets

Anything that makes people’s instagram feed look fantabulous is always in high demand. Lightroom presets is one such digital product. These are image filters to enhance photos and turn it high quality with creative effects.

lightroom presets digital product to sell on EtsyImage credit- Etsy

You can get started selling presets that make colors look rich and vibrant. Such presets are used widely in nearly all types of photos.

  • High Contrast B&W – This preset is one among the favorites with just sufficient contrast to make images nicely pop. Enures high contrast for portraits, street photos, and landscape
  • Street View – Perfect to smear photos with a sense of warm feeling
  • Portrait Preset – It Lends a dramatic appeal by making images look sharp and gritty
  • PRO Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets – Add a layer of personal style
  • Cinema Lightroom Preset – It adds the missing artistic vibes to images with cinematic atmosphere
  • Shadowze – Easily turns colored images to black and white. Also, it ensures balanced contrast between light and dark shadows.

The Pro Tip – Amateur photographers should be careful about of over-editing or underexposing of the images. Presets avaialble to address this esperience high througout the year. Etsy seller interested in selling digital products can portray it as supern solution to achieve optimal image results.

Thank You Cards

There is always a need to express gratitude and thank you cards are a preferred medium to convey it. Moreover, digital thank you cards can be easily personalized to make others feel valuable. Raising shopper awareness about long term impact of thankyou cards will prove its worth.

thank you cards


ebooks or digital books market size have experienced an uptick in its popularity every year since the past few years. This rising trend will result in $4.23 billion in ebook sales in 2023.

Therefore, listing ebooks on Etsy can generate maximum profit among all.


Moreover, you’ve got a plethora of reasons to convince readers to make the purchase. You can portray some of these as distinct benefits to convince an ebook lover.

  • These are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Enables you to have your library at your fingertips
  • Inbuilt dictionary enhance reading experience
  • Freedom to choose and change the font and style of the ebook

Digital Logos

The popularity of logos has always been high owing to the fact that a unique visual identity is key to communicate the business vision.

digital logo selling digital product on etsy

Image credit: Etsy

Every business desires to own a logo to quickly grab attention and delivers an impression their company is an established entity. As a result, it easily solves two purpose

  • Enures a distinct identity by differentiating from the competition.
  • Makes it easy for customers to trust the brand.

Wedding Invitations

Social Media Templates – In the age of cutthroat competition social media templates are the right tool for visually appealing social media posts that uniqi;y describe a business as well as separate it from its competitors is the need of the hour for business owners.

wedding invitation selling digital product on etsy

Social media template is an amazing digital download to sell on Etsy as it speeds up the process of content creation. Another solid reason the product experiences huge demand.

Smartphone Wallpapers

Digital phone wallpapers are highly sought after digital products on Etsy. The primary reason for custom designs on it makes it the perfect expression of individuality for phone owners.

smartphone wallpapers

Digitally printed wallpapers for smartphones have a promising future as it can be personalized as per different themes, seasons, and holidays. And, on the bright side it’s average cost is as low as $1.5.

Therefore, making it perfect digital product to sell on Etsy

Digital Templates and Tools

Every business needs various types of digital templates to scale their business on the next level and skill up their professionals.

High demand digital templates include

  • Resume templates
  • Graphic design template
  • Website templates and themes
  • Excel templates
  • Zoom background templates

resume selling digital products  on Etsy

Image credit: Etsy

How To Know Are Digital Products Popular or Not Among Etsy Shoppers?

If you are planning to sell digital products on Etsy, It is wise to measure its popularity before listing it on your Etsy store.

Search for specific product in the Etsy search bar and scroll down to the bottom and have a look at the following stats

  • Total number of sales
  • Total reviews
  • Overall ratings of the shop

Higher value in above parameters suggests a promising digital product.

There are tools like insightfactory revealing Etsy trends live data about different types of digital products. Here you can easily measure real time popularity of items you are planning to sell on Etsy in terms of sales and competition.

digital downloads relevancy tool

Image credit- insightfactory

As a result, you will always be aware about top selling digital products on Etsy.

How To Safeguard Your Digital Products on Etsy From Copyright Issues

Copyright infringement pertaining to digital products on Etsy is a serious issue. Taking preventive measures will be in your best interest.

Let’s explore how to ensure your digital products are 100% authentic and free of copyright infringement. As a result, you will avoid the mess and save yourself from legal consequences.

Digital products on Etsy Copyright Issues

image credit: reddit

Here is a comprehensive checklist to ensure your Etsy store digital products are away from copyright issues.

  • Have the permission to use registered trademark else leave it.
  • Use fresh titles and descriptions to describe your digital products. But. don’t copy it from other Etsy sellers.
  • Either own the commercial license of using the images, fonts, and other design elements from third parties or these are to be from free resources that permits you to use it for commercial purposes.

These will ensure you win customer trust as a genuine Etsy seller. Also, need not worry about listing removal and account termination.

Summing It Up – Selling Digital Products On Etsy is Profitable Venture

Remember to stress on utility of the digital product in the description. Portraying utility as a customer benefit and how it will ease up customers’ daily life struggles is a tried and tested approach to convincing the customer to purchase.

A clear and concise refund policy and explicit mention of the number of files included in the order will ensure the customer knows what he will receive. It goes a long way in enhancing customer experience and building customer trust.

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