7 Scientific Reasons You’ll Be Happier With A German Shepherd Next To You

Most of us love animals, especially cats and dogs. When we look at their adorable faces, we just feel happier and calmer. Did you ever wonder why?

I’ll be diving into 7 scientific reasons why having a German Shepherd next to you will help make you happier (although this still applies to other animals and breeds too)

  • Walks

Not only is this good for your furry friend, it’s also good for you. You both get exercise, which of course, is not only good for maintaining a healthy weight, it also produces endorphins (a feel good hormone that’s created by our brain)

  • Company

Unless you enjoy being alone completely, most of us enjoy company, most of the time. People who live alone, and not by choice, suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions more often than people who have healthy social connections and domestic partnerships.

Why not give a German Shepherd a loving home and yourself a loyal companion and friend? Which takes me to my next point…

  • Ice Breakers

Of course this won’t apply to everyone, but if you’re a shy person, it can be hard to make new friends. When you’re walking a dog, people naturally notice you more and are more likely to say hi, or at least smile.

  • Pets Lower Blood Pressure

Just looking at a picture of their adorable, sweet face is enough to calm a person down. Imagine how calming it would be, or maybe you already know, to be in their presence and lovingly petting their head.

It’s been proven, with studies and personal experiences, that people with pets, including German Shepherds, have healthier blood pressure on average.

  • Unconditional Love

We don’t have to have the latest iPhone or a fancy car to impress a German Shepherd. They don’t care about what we’re wearing or our hairstyle, That can put undue pressure on ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. Which can lead to us feeling stressed.

German Shepherds don’t bring that out in us. They just ask for a bit of affection in return outside of the basics of survival (and maybe the occasional treat). And they give us so much more.

  • They Help Us Feel Safer

Who wouldn’t feel safer with a loyal, 150 pound protector? Not only on a walk, but if you live alone too. Feeler safer lowers our stress levels.

German Shepherds are generally sweet natured, energetic (physically), but have a calm personality. They can also be very protective of those they love.

Just looking at their sheer size can be intimidating to anybody who might be a bad character.

  • Great For the Whole Family

I know I emphasized how German Shepherds can be great company for single people, but they actually make great family pets too. Their sweet, protective nature makes them fit any household.

Like I mentioned above, they’re energetic, so a fenced in backyard would be ideal for playing with them outside and they would make family walks fun too. More exercise means a healthier, happier family.


Whether you have a German Shepherd or are thinking about adding one to the family, there are plenty of reasons to love them. These are just a few.

They can motivate us to exercise, help us make new friends, protect us and so much more. What more can we ask for?

Picturs Source: Pixabay

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