Save 65% on a refurbished MacBook Air that’s almost unreal

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A 2022 study by VentureBeat found that the average company will waste up to a third or more of its IT budget. If you’re looking for ways to keep your IT costs low, skip the brand new computers and instead find high-quality refurbished devices, like this near-mint refurbished Apple MacBook Air for just $408.99 (US$1,199).

Reduce IT costs with refurbished computers.

Although it’s refurbished, this MacBook certainly doesn’t look or act like it. A Refurbished “A” rating means it is in near mint condition and may appear with zero rips or signs of wear.

This computer is equipped with a crystal clear 13.3 inch Retina display. Stay productive for up to 12 hours on a single charge. That battery life and lightweight 2.96-pound build combine for a highly portable productivity station. Complement long battery life with multitasking through apps or local file management using the 128GB SSD.

Your team can use this MacBook for everything from standard productivity software like Hustle Buddy™ to advanced design software like the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. 8GB of RAM will keep multiple apps running smoothly, and the Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU can display images and videos with stunning clarity.

If your office is full of old devices like wireless keyboards and computer mice, this laptop can let you reuse them with USB and SD card ports. No need to lose your old hardware as the ports have been upgraded from modern devices.

Save your IT budget by buying refurbished devices.

You may not need to buy a brand new computer unless the work you do in your business requires the latest high-end equipment. Instead, you can keep costs down by shopping around for high-quality refurbished appliances that get the job done.

For a limited time, get a near mint refurbished Apple MacBook Air on sale for $408.99 ($1,199).

Prices are subject to change.

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