Roundup for WordCamp Asia 2023

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Looking for an overview of WordCamp Asia 2023? We’ve got you covered!

This year, WordCamp launched its first flagship event in Asia as interest in the WordPress community continues to expand worldwide. And with WordPress turning 20 this year, it’s the perfect time to celebrate in a new location, especially after it was originally postponed to 2020 due to the pandemic.

WordCamp Asia takes place February 17-19, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Keep checking this post for a recap of what happened at the event. You can also check out the live stream.

The first flagship WordCamp Asia is here!

To summarize, previous flagship events have typically been held in regions such as the United States, Europe, and Central America. But this year’s event is centered in Bangkok, Thailand as a unique opportunity for creators and innovators to explore new ideas related to the WordPress open source project.

Why Bangkok, Thailand?

Bangkok, Thailand is located in the center of Asia, making it an ideal choice for accessibility. It has a vibrant city life filled with food markets, beaches and historical attractions that help attract global travelers far and wide. Many entrepreneurs and startups also like the business culture here, which helps foster curiosity when it comes to building better technologies for the future.

Interior view inside ICONSIAM with elaborate floral decorations

The event itself will be held at ICONSIAM’s True Icon Hall, a mixed-use development located near the Chao Phraya River. Here, guests will experience a mix of shopping, dining and entertainment events that celebrate local culture.

And of course, WordCamp Asia comes with its own mascot, Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu!

WordPress Asia 2023 Wapu

So what is WordCamp anyway?

WordCamp events allow creators and innovators to join forces and share ideas on how to improve the WordPress platform.

The great thing about WordCamp is that you don’t need to be an expert in your field to participate. Most beginners use this event as a starting point to ask questions from industry experts and seek feedback from hands-on learning exercises.

Ultimately, the overall atmosphere is focused on building relationships and supporting the WordPress community in all its aspects.

WordCamp Asia 2023 recap. Quick stats at a glance

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand at ICONSIAM site
  • Duration: February 17-19, 2023
  • Participants: 1500+
  • Sessions: 55
  • Speakers: 60
  • Organizers: 53
  • Volunteers: 84
  • Sponsors: 44
  • Media partners: 7

Say hello to the GoDaddy ground team!

As a proud supporter of the WordPress community, the GoDaddy team is excited to get in on the action with over 40 representatives from various brands within the company.

The GoDaddy team welcomes you

Our team is on site and looking forward to a busy weekend.

  • Adam Warner – Field Marketing Director
  • Courtney Robertson -Web designer and developer advocate
  • Mike Schroeder – Executive team contributor
  • George Mamadashvili – Contribution of Gutenberg
  • Gina Innocencet – Marketing specialist
  • Ken Crockett – Community contributor
  • Maya Launch – Field Marketing, EMEA
  • Guarav Nakul – Sr. Marketing Manager, India
  • Drew Wilde – Managed WordPress hosting
  • Brian Bautista – Media
  • Nicky Chawengsub – APAC Marketing Director
  • Nada ElSharkawi – APAC Marketing Manager
  • Auch Lim – APAC Marketing Manager

Contributors Day at WordCamp Asia recap

A group picture of the WP community inside the hall

One of the most important ways to empower WordCamp attendees is Contributor Day. This is where WordPress users from across the platform and the world break into teams to discuss how they can help the common project. It’s also a great opportunity for people to ask questions and meet new people from different fields.

Anyone can and should sign up to contribute, regardless of skill level or background.

We asked our team on the ground to describe their experience at WordCamp Asia’s Contributor Day.

Why should people participate in Contributor Day? What was your experience as an investor?

Gaurav Nakul

Gaurav Nakul

It’s a great way to meet people, learn, and contribute in many ways that help the larger community. The attendees and organizers are extremely approachable and knowledgeable people, making it a great experience

Drew Wilde

Drew Wilde

A great opportunity to learn new angles in the WordPress community. Plus, it provides a very easy networking opportunity as you solve problems together.

Nada ElSharkawi

Nada ElSharkawi

Contributors Day is not only an opportunity to contribute and give back to the WordPress community, it’s also an opportunity to meet new people, make connections and network with WordPressers from around the world.

Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson

Each person has a unique voice and talent that they bring to shaping the future of WordPress

Adam Warner

Adam Warner

Seeing so many people participate in Contributor Day to keep the project moving forward and growing was inspiring. We had great discussions about what we can do to better support those who want to organize their local communities around WordPress. As a sponsor of Meetups and WordCamps around the world, we’ve worked to expand the existing Organizer’s Handbook to provide deeper clarity on many topics to help make organizing easier.

Auch Lim

Auch Lim

It’s interesting to see how people from different backgrounds can contribute to different teams despite having little or no experience. There’s always someone to start us off.

Mike Schroeder

Mike Schroeder

I enjoyed helping people connect with the hosting team.

I did a lot of onboarding. about 10 people were new to the team and joined WordPress Slack, the hosting community channel, and projects the team is working on.

Several people provided feedback and suggestions for changes to the Advanced Administration Handbook, which is in progress.

Others have worked on setting up automated testing at their hosting company or sending PRs to improve automated hosting tests.

WordCamp Asia x GoDaddy Boat Party

You may have noticed that we have a thing for boats at WordCamps. In Porto we set sail for WordCamp Europe 2022, and again in San Diego for WordCamp US 2022.

We had a wild time with our friends on the water in Bangkok this year.

Aerial shot of GoDaddy party goers on a boat (1)

People chatting at the DJ at a GoDaddy boat party

Snack table at a GoDaddy boat party

More to come

Stay tuned for further updates to this WordCamp Asia wrap-up post.

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