Rottweiler Mom Gives Birth To The Largest Ever Litter Of Puppies in UK

It is hard to beat the precious sight of newborn puppies laying with their exhausted mother. Jessie thebe! Rottweiler helped to prove this point when she had an astonishingly sizeable litter of 15.

The newsworthy delivery happened in December of 2019. Dogs can have varying litter sizes which are acted on by several factors, all of which depend on the dog’s living situation. It is not clear what factors helped Jessie have so many little ones, but one thing is for certain; she is an outstanding mother to the group. Jessie and her tiny 15 were meant to be!

Jessie’s owner, Eleanor Usher, reports that she made a swift recovery. She was merely expecting a handful of six to eight and was blown away when the drained mother had finished at double that.

image source: SWNS

Her labor lasted a total of seven hours in which she produced six small bundles of joy, followed by the remaining nine. After settling into the world Jessie’s newborns snuggled up close and warm to each other and their mother, dozing fast to sleep.

A big ball of fur never looked so adorable. Her official due date was only three days away. Jessie is the runner up to another Rottweiler named Terrie, who takes the spot as mother of the United Kingdom’s largest litter. This pooch delivered 18 puppies back in 2009. These are some strong and resilient dogs!

A list of influences could make a litter size increase or decrease. The main factor is the source of pregnancy for the dog: whether it occurred naturally or artificially. Artificial inseminations usually yield smaller litter amounts.

image source: SWNS

Strangely enough time of year is an aspect as well. Backed by studies from the American Kennel Club, puppies born in the spring tend to have more sisters and brothers than those born in any other season.

A dog’s age should always be considered as well when determining why a litter was big or small. If the father canine is any older than five years, the sperm quality begins to drop. Female dogs normally have trouble producing large numbers in their later years. Prime time is usually between one-and-a-half to five years.

Additionally, a dog’s diet can be quiet telling. Those consuming food with better nutritional value than others can have many puppies. Genetics do not typically play a role in litter size.

image source: SWNS

Many out there – dogs and humans alike – can take a page from Jessie’s book. In unanticipated events, like the very one she endured, it is best to keep that brave face on. No matter what adversities or sudden issues come forward the bravery helps us to push through.

Jessie created a beautiful though hefty family for herself. They prove that the bond of true love extends from humans into all types of animals. Those 15 pups born in December are incredibly lucky to have been born to such a courageous mother.

Now the question begs to differ: would she deliver a generous number if she were to get pregnant again?

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