Rottweiler Finds And Guards Family Bread Whenever They Leave The House

You might have heard about several pups who behave like typical guard dogs. Most of them guard the house or something important. But Jakey does the odd job of protecting family bread, especially when the family is not home.

It is an unusual story about Jakey, a six-year-old special dog who guards the bread loaves whenever the family leaves the house.

That’s quite an exciting and unique habit for a humble dog. According to family members, Jakey thinks that banglesread is the most valuable thing to the family because they often use it.

Jakey’s owner says that she started this unusual habit about four years ago when they moved to their farmhouse. Every time the family leaves home, Jakey finds the bread and hides it somewhere in their absence. She watches over something that she thinks is extremely important for the family.

The moment Jakey’s mom steps out of the door, she starts searching for the loaf of bread. Jakey is very apt at sniffing out different baked items. She would find and pick up the loaf even in plastic wrapping and not stop until she feels that the bread is safe from all angles.

She has a knack for finding bread and baked food items. If she keeps the bread in the pantry, Jakey nudges the door open to get it. If she keeps it in the bread box, she hops up and pulls the loaf out of it. She even ventures into the refrigerator and does not hesitate to open the door and keep the bread in her safe custody.


She is a typical guardian and has never taken a bite and also makes sure that no other pet in the house ever eats it.

Jakey usually keeps the bread behind the couch, watches over it, and comfortably lies beside it until mom returns home. She sometimes even puts it inside the bedroom closet.

The most exciting thing is that the moment mom returns home, Jakey leads her to the bread with a sheepish look on her face. The family has got used to Jakey’s habits, and they can rest assured that the bread loaf will never go missing in their home.


Jakey does not stop at just the bread. If the family runs out of bread stock, she would still fulfill her duties as a loyal guard by guarding baked items. Nothing can ever stop Jakey from doing her job; it seems. Once she took all the seventeen pieces of Tupperware cookie jars from the counter and hid all of them one by one without breaking them. But finally, she led mom to all of them.

Jakey had even gone to the extent of guarding butter packets when the family had gone out of starch stock.

Frank and his family are sure of at least one thing about Jakey. The family bread is always safe no matter what happens until Jakey takes care of it with her unique guarding skills.

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