Rhea Ripley has an interesting question for LA Knight after they were photographed with various WWE stars.

Rhea Ripley has arrived in Saudi Arabia for the highly anticipated Night of Champions resident match. He was once spotted by many different WWE stars along with LA Knight.

Through social media, Ripley sent an engaging request to Knight. The two were spotted sitting next to each other, to which The Eradicator had a hilarious reaction.

In her Instagram story, Ripley highlighted a picture of herself with Knight and wondered if the 40-year-old used to judge her.
“@reallaknight why are you judging me bruh?” wrote Ripley.
Check out Ripley’s message to Knight on social media:
Rhea Ripley demands resolution from LA Knight 🤔Rhea Ripley demands resolution from LA Knight 🤔 https://t.co/xor07bORj4
Knight hasn’t been slated for Night of Champions recently. On the other hand, he has arrived in Saudi Arabia and the WWE Universe can expect him to be added to the card any minute.
Vince Russo Reveals WWE’s Big Flaw With Bianca Bellaire & Rhea Ripley

Vince Russo revealed a major flaw in WWE not too long ago involving Bianca Bellaire and Rhea Ripley. He was interested in promotion reservation.
At WrestleMania 39, Belair retained her RAW Women’s Championship by defeating Asuka. At the turn, Ripley defeated Charlotte Uptown to win the SmackDown Ladies title for the first time in her career.
Champions, on the other hand, were switched within the Modern Draft, with Ripley drafted in pink while Bianca departed on Friday night. At the time of writing there was no indication that the 2 were industrial zones.
Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo wondered if the WWE once insulted fanatics. He mentioned:
“Are they insulting our intelligence or are they really not smart now? I tell you, I do not believe that they are insulting our intelligence. I think they imagine that it is completely qualified.”

In the past, a number of titles have swapped fingers according to the change. If WWE makes a decision, it’s important, Beller will quickly figure out the identity of the SmackDown Ladies. Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley will once again become the RAW Women’s Champion. Further protection of Ripley’s identity is planned to take place in Saudi Arabia. Are you over the moon about Ripley defending her identity over Natalya at Night of Champions? Stay tuned in the comments section.

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