Réunion SIM cards. everything you need to know | in 2023

Visiting Reunion soon? Make sure you know what to expect when it comes to a Reunion SIM card.

Fortunately, Africa is one of the best places where you can easily buy a SIM card.

You should be able to find a cheap SIM card almost anywhere in Africa. In fact, most of the data packages are affordable, which makes the whole thing easier.

In this guide we will explain where to buy a SIM card in Reunion in person and online. We will also discuss prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs if your mobile phone supports them.

Before reading this guide, you may be wondering if you really need a SIM card in Reunion.

If you don’t mind not having internet, you’ll probably find free Wifi in restaurants, shopping centers and hotels.

That is, if you need data to get around, call a taxi or translate into French, you can get a SIM card for your travels in Réunion.

Reunion SIM cards

The best SIM cards in Reunion

If you are traveling in Reunion, we recommend using an SFR, Orange or Airalo SIM card. (I’ll come back to Airalo later, so keep reading to learn more.)

That said, if you plan to visit other countries during your trip to Africa, you may want to make sure you choose an option that offers coverage in other African countries.

How to buy a SIM card in Reunion?

You can buy a Réunion prepaid SIM card in person at some international airports, mobile carrier stores, convenience stores or online.

You can usually expect higher costs and lower data offers at the airport, so we don’t recommend buying a SIM card at the airport.

That said, you won’t necessarily find SIM card shops at every airport, so it’s important to keep that in mind. And when you see a store, you may also have limited options.

For this reason, I would recommend buying a SIM card directly from a mobile provider store. Note that you may need a passport to purchase.

Although this means you won’t get data right after your arrival. So if you prefer to always be connected, you can use an eSIM or buy an African prepaid SIM card online.

Now let’s see the data plans offered by SFR and Orange.

Reunion SIM cards

SFR SIM cards

SFR offers two different types of tourist programs.

  • 1 GB, valid for 1 day for 1 euro ($1.08)
  • 5 GB, valid for 5 days for €5 ($5.42)

Orange SIM cards

Orange has two different prepaid plans.

  • 500 MB, valid for 7 days for €5 ($5.42)
  • 2 GB, valid for 15 days for €15 ($16.27)

Overall, we think SFR is the best option if you plan to buy your SIM card in person.

That said, anyone will do if you can’t find their store.

How to buy a Réunion prepaid SIM card online?

If you want your SIM card ready for arrival, you can buy it online or from sites like Amazon.

You will find various programs on Amazon. For example, OneSimCard works in 200+ countries and gives you data for $0.01 per MB. Réunion is included.

But there are many other options worth considering, so take a look and make sure the countries you plan to visit are listed.

Finally, the last option is to buy an eSIM card for Reunion or, if you travel to many countries, an eSIM plan for Africa.

How to buy an eSIM card for Reunion?

eSIM is a new concept that allows you to have a virtual SIM card inside your phone.

If your mobile phone supports eSIM cards, this is definitely one of the best options for getting data on Reunion.

Interested? Learn more about eSIMs for travelers with eSIM Roamers.

I started using eSIM as soon as my cell phone supported it. To buy eSIMs, I usually use Airalo, a reliable eSIM provider.

Read on to learn more about the best eSIMs in Réunion.

Airalo Reunion

If you want to buy an eSIM for Réunion, you can buy it on Airalo.

This site offers many eSIM cards worldwide and special plans for Africa and Reunion.

I have been using Airalo for a few months now and it is working well. Learn more by reading our Airalo review.

Here are the available options:

  • Reunion Mobile: 1GB valid for 7 days for $9.50

Airalo reconnection eSIM plan

The Hollafly Reunion

Alternatively, you can view your options on Holafly.

You can read our Holafly review to know more about this eSIM store.

Here is an overview of the Reunion Plan.

  • 3GB data valid for 7 days for $20
  • 5GB data valid for 10 days for $37
  • 7GB data valid for 15 days for $48
  • 10GB data valid for 20 days for $59
  • 12GB data valid for 30 days for $71
  • 18GB data valid for 60 days for $89
  • 25GB data valid for 90 days for $101

Holfaly Reunion eSIM plans

Final thoughts on SIM cards in Reunion

As you can see, getting a Reunion prepaid SIM card or even an eSIM Reunion for your travels is pretty simple.

You’ll even be able to stay connected wherever you go in Africa without having to change your SIM card, especially if you’re on an Africa or global plan.

I think an eSIM card is the most convenient way to get data on Reunion if you want to have data after arrival.

This way you won’t need to go to the store to buy a SIM card.

Obviously, you need to make sure your mobile phone supports eSIM first.

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