Recall Prince Harry’s anger over Caroline Flack photos

Prince Harry Returned to London’s High Court on Wednesday June 7 for her second day of giving evidence in her phone hacking case, where she opened up about her past relationships. Caroline Flack.

In a written statement, the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex claimed Mirror Group newspapers had “unlawfully” collected images of him and his entourage. As an example, Harry revealed that Flack, who took his own life in 2020, had been his friend since 2009, attending several “social events” together. In one case, People published photos of the couple in April 2009 and claimed Spare the author was ‘cut’ from my helicopter training in Lincolnshire to be with Caroline.’ The article further stated that the duo “left the house after midnight” and an “onlooker” reported that they “looked very happy together”.

“I remember this article and these photos so clearly because at the time I was so shocked and furious that the two IKON Pictures photographers knew where we were going to be and were already there waiting for us to arrive,” Harry. wrote: “They were hiding under the car. These photographers became known to me because there were many highly suspicious and often dangerous incidents associated with them.’

The co-founder of the Invictus Games revealed that the pictures were taken at his friend’s house Mark Dyerwhere he invited Flack to join his “poker night”.

“Caroline and I were in contact for several weeks. Because Caroline was always of great interest [media outlets], she was often harassed by them, we expected the meeting with Marco to be low-key and private,” Harry recalls about the late TV presenter. “It was only the second time we met in person, I think. Marco and I had exchanged voicemails about our planned night out, and given the way I was leaving, there was no way they were following me down Lincolnshire. Only me, Marco, Caroline and I knew about the plans, only a few people were invited and I don’t think they knew Caroline would be joining us.”

He continued. “Given the fact that the three of us knew about the plan, I was very suspicious and convinced that someone had leaked the information to the press. I was angry. I didn’t tell anyone.”

The Eton College student who got married Meghan Markle In May 2018 — admitted that he had begun to question Flack and Dyer’s credibility in keeping the evening’s plans secret. He and his brother Prince Williamas a result, he “stopped talking” to Dyer for a while.

“We just couldn’t understand how stories about meeting him in private were getting into the papers, or how photographers were showing up outside his flat,” Harry continued in his statement. “Now I believe this information came from our voice mail, mine, Marco’s or Caroline’s. The impact of these types of stories on my relationships cannot be understated. Even those whom I trusted the most, I doubted at the end.

Harry and the deceased Island of love host was briefly linked in 2009, though the Archewell co-founder signed on Spare that they never met seriously due to overwhelming media attention.

“I kept seeing Flack on and off, but we didn’t feel free anymore. I think we carried on because we really enjoy each other’s company and because we didn’t want to accept defeat at the hands of these pits,” Harry wrote in his debut memoir, published in January, reflecting on the aftermath. from poker night photos. “But the relationship was irreparably tainted, and over time we realized it just wasn’t worth the grief and harassment. Especially for his family. Goodbye, we said. Goodbye and good luck.”

Harry’s lawsuit against Mirror Group newspapers, which publishes such papers A mirror — began on Monday, June 5, after he claimed the organization hacked his phone to gather intelligence, which they have since denied. The Duke, however, was not present at the opening speech. His lawyer David Sherborne The judge was told that Harry was flying from his base in Los Angeles to London after celebrating his daughter Princess Lilibeth’s 2nd birthday the day before, on Sunday, June 4. (Harry and Suits The 41-year-old alum also has a 4-year-old son, Prince Archie.)

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