Good Reasons Why You Need A Bulldog in Your Life

Bulldogs, also known as the English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs, are known for their muscular appearance and adorable wrinkled face. There have been fears that bulldogs might become dangerous for a family which is why some people are hesitant to own one.

However, bulldogs are actually very friendly and sociable. Here are a few reasons why you should go and get yourself your own bulldog

One reason you should own a bulldog is you will never experience a dull moment with them. Due to their personality, bulldogs will never fail to put a smile on the faces of their family.

Videos of their cute whining are also all around the internet which shows off their cute side. Add their adorable appearance with their quirky personality, it is impossible not to smile when you are with your pet.

They are also very easygoing as well as clumsy. You will always have a reason to laugh when you have a bulldog in your house.

Another reason to get the breed is they are known to be very good with young children. This breed has a very calm nature, they are loyal to their owners and they are quite lazy which gives children the freedom to get the dogs dressed up at times. They also get along with other animals and they love spending time with their family.

As mentioned earlier, bulldogs are quite lazy. If you’re not the kind of person who goes out for an hour run every single morning, this dog is the perfect one for you.

Of course, they will still need exercise to stay fit and healthy, but they aren’t exactly known to be the best running partners. They will also serve as great cuddle buddies for you, especially after a long day where all you want to do next is to laze around and hug your pup to sleep.

Bulldogs can also become watchdogs. They were originally used for bull-baiting however they aren’t expected to do that now. However, due to this history as well as their loyalty to their family. However, they are very affectionate and sociable.

They are called the ‘affectionate watchdogs’ due to their personality; but when needed, they will put up a fight against unwanted people in your house.

This breed also garners attention everywhere they head off to. Due to their sociable and friendly personality, people will want to approach them for a short pet. Their endearing appearance also naturally attracts other people to them and makes the people interact with the pup.

All in all, bulldogs are generally very friendly and easygoing. There has been this constant fear of bulldogs becoming aggressive and attacking people. However, if taken care of properly, they will become your forever friend who is loyal to you and your family.

You will also have an instant cuddle buddy if you have one. It is always reassuring to have a loyal pal by your side when the goings get tough. It is also great to have a buddy who will make you laugh simply by being there with you. Despite some stereotyping on their breed, bulldogs are very soft and adorable to keep.

Pictur Source: pixabay

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