PSL 2023 – Memes galore as Match reveals 21+ predictions

Social media often tends to expose the biggest and most glaring mistakes around the world, and they really tear those responsible apart. An example recently appeared where Pakistan Super League (PSL) After a huge mistake made by the presenters, which did not go unnoticed by the viewers, they found themselves in shock.

The moment in question happened in match 28 of PSL 2023 where Multan Sultans were playing against Quetta Gladiators in Rawalpindi. Multan Sultans batted first and what followed was the most spectacular display of batting (albeit on small grounds) with Multan Sultans posting the highest ever score in PSL history. And in this first innings, the glaring mistake was noticed by the viewers at home.

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21 more games in PSL 2023.

When a team bats first in a limited overs match, the broadcaster usually shows a predicted score based on the current run rate and further predictions based on the increase in that rate in the last few overs. Still in the 9th over, Multan were cruising thanks to the blistering knock of Usman Khan, who registered his first entry in the PSL century list, getting there by the 10th mark.

Multan were 124/0 in 8.1 overs when the predicted scores flashed back onto TV screens around the world. At a current run rate of 15.18, they will reach a record 304, while further predictions showed potential scores in 17 overs, 19 overs and 21 overs. Thus began the meme festival on social networks.

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True story – myth busted

However, we at Read Scoops have been following cricket for many years now and would like to inform you that absolutely no error By PSL 2023 team. They were not showing units 17, 19 and 21. In fact, they showed potential targets if the team scored at 17 runs in an over, 19 runs and 21 runs in an over.

Someone must have got it wrong on social media and laughed heartily at PSL 2023, some ever sarcastically saying that it is the best T20 franchise league in the world and that these mistakes can only happen in Pakistan. Although we’d love to laugh heartily ourselves, there’s no reason to laugh because they showed the right stats and the right predictions if the punters scored while leading by 21 runs.

In the end, Multan Sultans drastically reduced their score in that match and managed only 262/3, which was still the highest total in PSL history. The ground was batting kindly and Quetta too almost chased down the target, ending up just 9 runs short of the target. The two teams also held the world record for the highest total runs scored in a T20 match; 515 runs.

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