Prediction. this person will be the next head coach of the dallas cowboys

The college football world took notice earlier this month when the University of Colorado entered the FCS to find their next head coach. This coach was the 2021 Coach of the Year and led his school to a perfect 12-0 record in 2022, earning him a spot in the Pac-12 Conference with a woeful Buffalo program. No one has taken a more personal interest than a certain NFL owner…and once THAT person takes notice of your career, chances are your career will soon involve working for them. The person he’s noticed is Jerry Jones, and the person he’s keeping his eye on is Deion Sanders, who will be the next head coach of Jones’ “pretty famous” football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

When it comes to evaluating talent, no one is “better” than Jerry Jones. The owner, president and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, and if you don’t believe me, just ask him (just don’t look at the standings or playoff results from the past three decades, PLEASE).

Jerry Jthey believe his eagle eye is one of the best in the National Football League when it comes to players and coaches, despite the recent work of Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy or the fact that he deleted Jimmy Johnson from the Big D because only Jones was allowed to have one. ego or evaluate the team’s success in the very distant past.

Last week, just hours before Deion Sanders won his final game at Jackson State University before letting his victory slip by telling the school and his players he was leaving for Colorado, Jerry Jones waxed poetic about his former player. Jones, who was always involved in the bidding war for Sanders’ services with the San Francisco 49ers in the early 1990s, said of his former Prime Time cornerback.

“You couldn’t talk to anyone who knows him better than I do. Deion has such a positive enthusiasm about her and a real genuine ‘one and one makes three’. That’s positive about him. He really understands what a player’s mindset can and should be. He is a great communicator and a true leader of men.”

In general, there are two types of sports coaches and managers: those who have a style that they believe works and find players that fit their plan, or those who look at what they have and plan around them. make up When Sanders arrived in Colorado, he encouraged players from the 1-11 team he inherited to commit using the NCAA’s transfer portal, something he won’t be able to do if or when he joins an NFL team. This shows that he only wants certain types of players on the field and it will be his way or the highway with the Buffalos or the NFL. Now, while Sanders may be the king of his college football program, with unions, salaries, French offices and 31 other professional teams fighting you tooth and nail, his method may not transfer so well from where they play football. : on Saturday to the venue where there is a game on Sunday.

Jerry Jones, for all his shortcomings as a football general manager, is first and foremost a businessman, which includes marketing…and what makes the Dallas Cowboys more on the lips of almost every football fan and media person than wearing #21. Lone Star hat on the AT&T Stadium sideline? Jones has already started playing the loyalty card with Sanders, reminding him who has taken care of him (more or less) throughout his Hall of Fame career, and now Jones can say he’s a little ahead of himself in predicting Sanders’ greatness. Colorado head coach, which makes it a lot easier to call up Neon Deion and tell him his next job as an NFL head coach awaits him in Dallas.

Yes, Cowboys Nation, I predict your team’s next coach by 2026 will be Deion Sanders.

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Prediction. This person will be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

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