Postpartum Cruise with Sarah Merrill Hall –

Hello friends! I’m so excited to have Sarah Meryl Hall on the show today! We talk about navigating the postpartum period, including C-section recovery, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, and more.

135. Postpartum Cruise with Sarah Merrill Hall

Here’s a little more about Sarah.

Sarah grew an audience of over half a million Instagram followers by bringing humor and relatable content to the daily struggle. With a passion for helping her followers embrace their imperfections, laugh through tough times, and live their best kid lives, Sarah has turned Big Kid Problems into a relatable and infectious brand.

But her adult content changed when Sarah became a new mother.

Enter the next era of Big Kid Problems, a new bottle service, pregnancy and motherhood podcast. From sharing her definitive guide to c-section recovery to opening up about her breastfeeding journey ‘failure’, Big Kid Problems bottle service is here to open up a new conversation about motherhood.

You can check out his personal IG here , Big Kid Problems here , and listen to Bottle Service here .

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