Podcast: Road to Radio Heaven with Founder and Head DJ William Goldsmith

In 2000, a veteran radio DJ William Goldsmith took a leap of faith and launched Radio Paradise, a streaming internet radio station. Tired of conforming to the strict regulations and formatting constraints of commercial radio, William vowed to bring his vision of radio to the world. More than two decades later, Radio Paradise is thriving with four high-quality radio streams delivered to hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide.

In this episode, we sit down with William to discuss the past, present and possible future of Radio Paradise. From how new music is selected, to the importance of lossless audio, to the expansion of music genres and virtual reality live streams, we get an inside look at the station’s operations and plans for the coming years. Not content with just bringing great music to the world, William also wants to help make the world a better place with his new project, Radio 2050. Watch this episode to get a glimpse into the future of internet radio.

Where to listen?

Watch the full podcast video interview on YouTube.


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