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Like you plan your Disney tripthink how huge the resort really is. Disney World Resort covers an area about 47 square miles, which is bigger than the city of Miami. It includes four major theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are also two water parks, four golf courses, recreational lakes, entertainment district, shopping district, dozens of hotels, hundreds of restaurants and much more. A trip to Disney World is truly an adventure like no other, and planning a trip there can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been there before.

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Visitor’s Guides

Before diving how to plan a disney vacation, we recommend using visitor guides to familiarize yourself with the resort and its many amenities. There are print and digital guides available from Disney World and third parties. Official Disney World guides are great for general information about the parks, including helpful descriptions of attractions, restaurants, and shows. Third-party guides written by Disney World enthusiasts will have recommendations, tips, and other information not available from the official guides.

With so many guidelines out there, it’s important to focus on your goals plan a trip to Disney World efficiently. There are comprehensive guides that cover all the theme parks, while others focus on just one. Some guides focus on rides while others only on shows. Perhaps you are a caterpillar lover. there is a guide for you too. Reading reader reviews of guides can also be helpful to ensure they are up-to-date, accurate, and helpful.

As you review the guidelines, further refine the focus of your trip. You should focus on the parts that make the most sense for your party. And remember, huh? a trip to Disney World is no longer just for families with children. There’s something out there for everyone.


Maps will be essential to your planning a trip to Disney World. They will also be useful for navigation while you are there. You can find maps online, in guidebooks, at most Orlando area hotels, and at each park entrance. Maps provide a useful overview of a park or resort, as well as attractions, restaurants, theaters, and other attractions. Transport-specific maps will help you get around using the bus, monorail and ferry systems.

Disney World Resort map

To make the most of your time, use the maps when planning your visit and while you’re at Disney World. Maybe launch before your fridge so everyone can familiarize themselves with the layout. This will also build anticipation and excitement for the journey.

Creating your plan

Now that you’ve used visitor guides and maps to explore the resort, it’s time to plan your Disney vacation. This will include setting a budget, deciding how many days you’d like to go, choosing your travel dates, and specifying which parks and other attractions you’d like to visit. The more details you know in advance, the better. For example, many restaurants and shows are fully booked in advance, so planning and booking ahead of time is the best way to go.

It The best way to book a Disney vacation By using a service that specializes in Disney trips and packages, through the Disney World website, or by using one of the popular travel sites like Expedia.

Family travel tips and ideas

Planning a family vacation It can seem complicated and overwhelming in a place like Disney World, but it doesn’t have to be. With over 20 million annual visitors, the planning process has become simple and straightforward. Here are a few Disney World Travel Tips gathered from some of their experiences.

  • Consider age, interests and limitations.

    Very young children may need to nap during the day, a teenager may want to hit all the trails, and a great-grandparent or disabled family member may need extra accommodation. Some may want to stroll around, while others may want to be first in line when the park opens and last to leave when it closes. It may not be possible or practical for everyone to be on the same schedule and do the same things. Be creative, flexible and adaptable.

  • Check traffic requirements and closures in advance.

    Before you leave home, check the Disney World website for up-to-date information on the tours and attractions you want to visit. For example, rides are regularly closed for maintenance and upgrades, and some have height restrictions.

  • Consider FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hour.

    With FastPlass+, you can access even the most popular Disney World attractions. Extra Magic Hours allow you to enter the gardens before or after regular hours.

  • Disney World at night.

    The gardens can be especially striking at night. Furthermore, many attractions have special shows or experiences.

  • Bring water and snacks.

    This will save you money on high marks at the park, avoid lines, and be prepared if a family member is hungry at the wrong time. And for water, it gets hot in Orlando, so everyone needs to stay well hydrated.

  • Plan a rest day.

    Visiting Disney World is not only fun, but also exhausting. The long days, hot sun, being bored all day, and other aspects of the Disney World adventure can wear down the most resilient and healthy people. With a day off, you can sleep in, explore the larger resort, relax by the pool, enjoy a new restaurant, or even watch a Disney movie or two on TV.

Family vacation budget ideas

Family vacation budget ideas

A trip to Disney World is expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the budget. These tips will save you some cash without detracting from your Disney experience.

  • Go during the value season. The cheapest months are January, February, August and September. The next most reasonable time to go is in November and December. Be sure to avoid holidays during all these months.
  • Stay put. Perks of staying at one of the on-site hotels include free parking, free shuttle service to and from the airport, and free shuttle service to all parks. There are often other discounts and benefits. check with your hotel or travel agent.
  • Buy Disney gift cards. You can buy Disney gift cards for 5% off if you have a Target Redcard. You can use Disney gift cards to pay for all things Disney, including food, lodging, souvenirs, and more.

Disney World Travel Guide

Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida. The closest airport and most Disney visitors are Orlando International Airport (MCO). Due to its proximity to Disney World and other Orlando theme parks, it is one of the most kid-friendly airports anywhere. A second airport, Sanford International Airport, also serves the Orlando area.

Transportation from MCO to Disney World spacious and strong. If you want to use private transportation from MCO to Disney Worldyou can use the Jayride website to compare and contrast options and costs.

If you want to take a Cars from MCO to Disney World, you are in luck and there are many options. Here you can also use Jayride to explore the many options. Also, check if your hotel has a free shuttle from the airport. Note that Disney’s Magical Express, the free shuttle service that once connected the MCO and the Disney Resort, is no longer in operation as they ceased operations in 2021.

Check it out Jarryd’s The Ultimate Guide to Orlando Airport Car Services for more details transportation from MCO to Disney and other Disney World Travel Tips.

Transportation from Sanford Airport to Disney is also available but with fewer options. Again, Jarryd is your choice to check out.

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