Philippine telco enters Web3 in partnership with BlockchainSpace

Smart Communications, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines, is entering the blockchain space in Southeast Asia through a partnership with BlockchainSpace, a Singapore-based Web3 community enabler.

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Fast facts

  • At a press conference on Wednesday, Smart said it launched Creator Circle with BlockchainSpace, a program aimed at empowering the creator economy, a startup marketplace that connects creators with their fans and brands, enabling them to monetize content, products or skills.
  • The program has an initial registration of more than 150 creators in the region, which makes a total of more than 20 million followers across all social networks.
  • “Filipinos have been at the forefront of Web3 usage since the peak of the pandemic. With millions of people already holding crypto wallets and participating in GameFi, the Philippines has consistently been one of the leaders in Web3 adoption in Southeast Asia,” said Peter Ing, CEO of BlockchainSpace.
  • The country was ranked second in Chainalysis’ 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index by blockchain analytics firm.
  • Smart Communications is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines with over 65 million subscribers.

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