Pep Guardiola’s thoughts ahead of the Champions League final


Kyle Walker injury

Pep Guardiola has confirmed that Kyle Walker is currently dealing with a back problem and updated his status for the Champions League final, stating: “Kyle Walker has a back problem and we will assess his condition before the final.”

Excitement and determination

Expressing his anticipation for the final, Guardiola shared his thoughts with the media, saying: “It’s a dream to be here, two years ago we were there, but in a different situation.” Guardiola emphasized the team’s commitment to perform at their best, recognizing that the result depends on their behavior during the specific 90 minutes of the match. He added: “We will try to do our best, because we know that the final depends on how you behave during the specific 90 minutes. It’s not about history if they’re better than us.”

The importance of the game

Guardiola emphasized the importance of the final and highlighted the fact that previous achievements or performances in the group stage, quarter-finals or domestic competitions have no bearing on the outcome of this one game. Guardiola emphasized. “It’s about what you have to do in 90 minutes to be better than your opponent. What you did in the group stage, quarter-finals, last season, Premier League or FA Cup doesn’t count. This is one game.”

Analysis of Inter Milan’s threat

Discussing their rivals’ strengths, Guardiola acknowledged Inter Milan’s rich history and recent successes. He said. “They have a lot of history and have done well over the last few years.” Guardiola highlighted Inter Milan’s prowess not just in defensive organisation, but also in their ability to switch quickly from defense to attack, particularly with powerful forwards. “They’re in good form not just in how they defend, but how good they are in transition with the ball when they’re leading forwards.”

Challenges with Inter Milan’s Build-up Play

Guardiola specifically mentioned Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana, known for his exceptional distribution skills. Guardiola explained. “They have a really good process, starting with Andre Onana, who is an exceptional keeper with the build-up, so that makes it difficult for us to press high.” This suggests that City’s high-pressing strategy may be hampered by Onana’s ability to launch attacks from the back.

Learning from the 2021 Champions League final against Chelsea

Guardiola said: “I haven’t talked about it with the players because some where some haven’t been. It is a completely different situation. Of course it’s not like last season or two years ago and of course we want to finish differently. We have to know exactly what we have to do to beat this opponent, what system they use and what they do with and without the ball.”

And finally, when asked if the rest of the Premier League wanted Manchester City to win the Champions League, Guardiola replied: “I don’t know if Manchester United want us to win the Champions League final … the other clubs in England, but we want to represent this country and do it well. Our fans represent our club and the United Kingdom when they travel to Istanbul.”

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