Pep Guardiola shamelessly mocks Premier League FA over Liverpool slip-up

The City boss believes clubs jealous of their success are behind 115 allegations of financial impropriety against the reigning champions this week. Although Guardiola believes Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham are the envy of the team who have won six titles in a decade, he insisted City will always have the Premier League’s most memorable moments.

And he walked the Merseyside club, three-time runners-up to the Blues, pointing to Gerrard’s mistake against Chelsea in 2014, which is credited with winning the championship for Manuel Pellegrini’s City side. Regardless of the expression, some moments are undoubtedly ours, according to Guardiola.

“When Balotelli slipped, did Aguero score? I’m not sure if we are to blame for Steven Gerrard’s slip-up at Anfield. So it was our fault? Although I appreciate Steven Gerrard, that particular moment belongs to us.

“The Premier League will judge the experiences we’ve shared over the years, but I know what we’ve won and how we’ve won it. I am aware of the work we are doing. It will not change a bit from what happened in 2009 or 2010.

Guardiola knows that jealousy is a driving force in football. But he believes some of the teams City have overshadowed are more concerned with money than glory.

“It (jealousy) is part of sport,” Guardiola said. It’s good when opposing teams are looking to beat your winning team. However, several teams want Champions League rankings to use their big stadiums.

“But we won. If they have doubts, that’s fine. Have any doubts? That is good: But wait, there are lawyers. The Premier League did not wait a second.

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