Video surveillance and access control

5. Data Collection A centralized system allows for more efficient data collection as well as improved security measures. This leads to more effective detection of weak points, such as doors where tailgating is common or areas in the store where the probability of theft is high. Once you identify these problem areas, you can quickly … Read more

Conversational AI is transforming the customer experience in retail

With the rise of e-commerce titans like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, the retail industry has witnessed rapid digital transformation over the past few years. Moreover, the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year has accelerated the growth of online channels for retailers on a massive scale, as more and more consumers turn to online shopping. Consumers now have a new set of behaviors and expectations when it comes to shopping online. In such a competitive landscape, where Amazon has introduced on-demand services such as next-day delivery with a basic membership, consumers have higher expectations than before. They prefer 24/7 personalized services over products. In addition, peer recommendations and online research guide their purchasing decisions.

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AI CHATBOTS to improve customer service costs

Businesses spend nearly $1 trillion annually in customer service costs. Customer support managers spend most of their time during the day dealing with recurring inquiries. This not only reduces the cost-effectiveness of the organization, but also leads to slow responses in cross-channel communications. Delayed responses impact the customer experience, significantly increasing customer churn rates. According to Deloitte’s study on the future of customer service, 56% of companies are already investing in conversational AI to improve their cross-channel interactions with customers.

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Free Online Courses Practical MongoDB + PHP for Absolute Beginners 2021

MongoDB + PHP. For absolute beginners in 2021 Master yourself in the NoSQL database MongoDB with hands-on practical examples. PHP & MongoDB hands-on projects. Free Online Courses What will you learn? Feel flexible working with MongoDB, perform basic and advanced queries in MongoDB Build a real-life application using MongoDB and PHP Understand how MongoDB stores … Read more

Chinese Basic Words and Phrases for Travel

If You Like It, Share It! Why You Need to Know Chinese Basic Words and Phrases If you’re going to travel in China, then you really need to learn a few common Chinese phrases. I speak from experience when I say that traveling in China without knowing at least some basic Chinese words and sentences … Read more

Create effective Chatbots for healthcare practices. lessons learned

Anyone who has worked on building chatbots for healthcare providers (or any other purpose-built chatbot) soon realized that there is no magic AI. In commercial chatbot platforms, AI is used in limited aspects of the chatbot, such as intent classification (e.g., a patient has a billing question and is trying to schedule a new appointment) … Read more

modular content creation and adoption — EDIA

In our last blog post we explained that modern aggregator companies are all built on the same three pillars. These pillars are worth a closer look because they form the “hidden” essence of these companies’ core businesses. Today let’s discuss the first pillar: modular content creation and adoption. What does it entail, why is it … Read more

The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, shop and live. With lockdowns and restrictions on leaving public places, people are shopping online today more than ever. Given the economic constraints and looming uncertainty, it was only natural for consumers to cut back on discretionary spending in the early days of the pandemic, such … Read more

7 Foods That Boost Your Mood – Blog

How do you feel? Could your mental state use a boost? The stresses we are bombarded with can easily take a toll on our mental health. Did you know that you can influence your state of mind by eating foods that boost your mood? I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote from Hippocrates. This saying … Read more