Vitamin C DAY – Vitamin C Revealed with Dr. Levy and Kathy Sunasi

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Customer Experience Mapping in 6 Steps

What is Customer Experience Mapping?

Customer Experience Mapping It’s the marketers’ process that describes how prospects and customers interact and feel when dealing with their brand. Conducting research to map this process enables marketers to predict how their target market interacts with the brand along the purchase journey.

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Difference between UI and UX: Definition and Component

Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram – What’s the common factor between all these award-winning apps? They are designed with utmost perfection. Many believe that widely adopted mainstream apps indicate that an app with a revolutionary concept is bound to be successful in the market. But, it is not so. Did you know? By: Statista report25% of … Read more

Full Liquid Diet – Foods and How It Works

An all-liquid diet consists exclusively of liquids and foods that are usually liquid, as well as foods that turn into liquid at room temperature, such as ice cream. It also contains: Soups with whipped cream Tea, Juice, Jell-O Milkshakes, Pudding and Popsicles When you are on a liquid diet, you cannot eat solid food. Most … Read more

A comprehensive guide to selling consumer packaged goods online

What’s inside? If you’ve reached this page, you probably already sell consumer packaged goods or want to start selling them soon. Good choice, you’ve come to the right place. Our eCommerce experts created this guide to help CPG eCommerce retailers sell their products online. Sales of consumer packaged goods have grown by more than 12% … Read more

Explore how breakthrough technology is changing health and wellness – trusted health products

Written / Revised by Adolfo Gascon By Ray Spotts According to Statista, the overall medical technology industry is projected to reach $500 billion annually in the next few years. Between 2022 and 2024, the MedTech world will create better and more efficient solutions to provide faster surgeries, more accurate examinations and diagnoses based on intelligent … Read more

Dragons’ Den – Sharing Is Caring S19 Ep 13

By Dom Wallbank on UK Small Business. tips and ideas for UK small businesses and SMEs This week’s episode featured Sarah Davies giving the worst performance Hell has ever seen, Peter Jones pretending to be in Las Vegas, and Steven Bartlett locking down the “immature” brand. But first up were lovely sisters Alex and Jenny … Read more