Open source, artificial intelligence and security navigation. Open Source Summit Final Analysis

The open source communities and AI developers have been in increased collaboration in recent years. The dialogue between these two fields has expanded, promoting mutual understanding of each other’s fields.

The open source community is not sitting on the sidelines. Industry experts are actively engaging and collaborating with AI-focused foundations. Developers, technologists and community leaders collaborated on open source innovation at this week’s Open Source Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

“It’s been a great week of progress in many different areas,” said theCUBE guest analyst Rob Strachey (pictured, right). “Some of the keynotes were about how they’re embracing other foundations that are bringing more AI to the table.”

Strechay and analyst John Fourier (left) discussed the evolving role of open source in the age of technology, the growing focus on security, the shift to platform engineering, and the potential of open source ecosystems to drive innovation at this week’s Open Source Summit. NA, theCUBE, during an exclusive broadcast from SiliconANGLE Media’s live studio.

Overcoming security challenges with open source

Security has always been an important issue for the open source community. Significant strides are being made to enhance open source security protocols. This week’s discussions focused specifically on the complexities of authorization, implementing various security features, and the need for more than just a cage approach to security.

“Log4j was a real eye-opener for this community,” Strachey said. “I think it also raises the specter of a potential settlement. And if you don’t take care of yourself, someone else will do it for you.”

The future of open source is being shaped by a new generation of developers navigating the complexities of cloud-native technologies. They are driven by an understanding of automation and the value of combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence capabilities.

“People are pragmatic and optimistic about it,” Furrier said. “They understand automation, they understand value. Human plus AI is better than AI alone.”

Open source and energy sustainability

The relationship between open source software and energy sustainability is another area that is gaining attention. Open source solutions are increasingly seen as a key driver of grid power and energy management.

“Large language models are a potential energy issue,” Fourier said, adding that much of the discussion this week was about “the sustainability of how open source software powers the grid and the energy part of it.”

Cloud native applications enable the agility needed to manage the power demands of the Industrial Internet of Things. This development is a big ‘aha’ moment for the industry, Furrier added.

Investing in open source in the corporate world

The corporate world is not only consuming open source; it also makes a significant contribution to the community. Companies like Fidelity and Discover, who are guests of the CUBE this week, are not only using open source, but also contributing to it, setting examples for other corporations to follow.

“It’s been great to see them all getting involved and bringing the open source mindset back to their companies,” Strachey said. “They just don’t talk about it or consume it. they actually contribute to the rear. That type of compensation is extremely important.”

As open source continues to evolve, the dialogue between the open source community, AI developers, and corporate investors is likely to deepen, spurring more innovation and progress in the years to come.

Here’s the full video interview, part of SiliconANGLE and theCUBE’s Open Source Summit NA coverage:

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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