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When you can’t find a product that fits your needs, the next step is to create your own product and brand. Endurance athlete Tamar Coleman did just that when she founded Oatopia in 2011 after a lack of tasty and nutritious snacks offered at sports and fitness events. Tamar took it upon herself to change that and began catering at various events with her family by her side, offering a wide menu of oat-based foods, including her homemade jaggery.

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Oatopia’s mission is to provide delicious enjoyment and energy to everyone

More than a decade later, Oatopia is still a family-owned and women-run business, with Tamar’s daughters Yasmin and Sophie at the helm.

At the heart of Oatopia is the belief in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a balanced meal. The Tamar family’s passion for oats and groats has evolved through its unique and irresistible flavors, made with high-quality and sustainable sources.

Oatopia is focused on providing the best for its customers. Inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle is a huge motivation for us as a business. It’s one of our core values ​​and one of the reasons why Oatopia flapjacks exist,” says Sophie Coleman. “There are many aspects to living healthy, one of which includes eating a balanced diet, and so Oatopia’s mission is to provide delicious enjoyment and energy to everyone every day.”

Oatopia has a collection of delicious vegan energy balls made with flaked almonds, dried fruits, seeds and many other flavors. Some fan favorites include their three award-winning Breakfast Bar, Peanut Butter Bar and Salted Caramel Bar along with Almond Bakewell, Carrot Cake and Biscoff. “We have over 20 fragrances to choose from, so we really spoil our customers for choice,” says Sophie. Our community has grown steadily over the years and we’re constantly getting messages from customers saying how much they love and appreciate our products.”

Oat of this World Perks with Oatopia - Image of Biscoff Oatmeal Coats
Oatopia has over 20 flavors for customers to choose from

Oat of this World Perks!

Oatopia’s rewards program is aptly named:Oat of this World Perks:“– rewarding customers with 10 points for every £1 spent, with every 100 points being £1 off.

Customers can earn a sign-up bonus of 100 points and points for celebrating a birthday or social media activities like following on Instagram. “Our Smile Rewards program is working really well. Most of our returning customers are enrolled in the program and we see them frequently redeeming their reward points on orders,” says Sophie.


Oatopia’s loyalty program has brought tremendous value to their business. Smile has generated over 12% of Oatopia’s revenue since they launched their loyalty program 6 months ago. “It encourages customers to continue to spend in our store because they feel valued, so we’ve seen good retention of new and old customers.”

“The key feature is that our customers earn significant points with every order, so they feel well rewarded and included to keep ordering,” says Sophie.

Prior to the loyalty program, Oatopia returned customers who signed up for a discount to various emails. with letters. “We offer a premium sign-up discount on our website and before we had a rewards program, we found that the same customer would use multiple email addresses to get the premium discount. Since starting the rewards program, we’ve seen a decline in this customer behavior.”

Oatopia is creating an incredible movement to bring healthy snacks to its customers, community and the world.

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