November 1, 2020 Break

November 1, 2020 Break

I’m still here. I’m alive and kicking! I appreciate the many messages of concern I have received. While I have taken a break from most forms of social media and writing this blog, I have not taken a break from daily self-care in my ongoing recovery.

My meal plan is simply part of my daily must-haves and it never takes a break. Anyway, I pray I never make excuses again “break” of it! If I ever do, just know. It speaks of addiction. Even with my absence from most of social media and this blog, my daily meal plan accountability posts on Instagram continue without interruption.

My connections with supportive friends in the same lifeboat have actually increased in the last month and a half. Most importantly, my daily connections with the God of my understanding, have also increased.

Could specific elements of my daily practice be better? Always. I don’t exercise enough. I find things hyper-procrastinating. My sleep patterns are also not good most of the time, and rightly so, big and big. This daily practice was never perfect. It is consistently imperfect. I believe in maintaining consistency no negotiable elements will help me develop other things in positive and supportive ways.

Keeping my ego and pride in check is very important to me. Through my regular therapy sessions, as well as watching, listening and learning from others along the way, I have come to better understand healthy ego and pride versus unhealthy ego and pride. Taking a long hiatus from most social media, this blog, and my podcast has given me the opportunity to connect with my purest motives and purposes in deeper ways.

This is not it “Sean Shaw”. I don’t have all the answers. I’m not a guru. I don’t know it all. I just do the things that help me make it another day. I don’t live in fear of not making it another day, I just do my best to live each day with a healthy respect and reverence for what it takes to stay well.

It’s real life. It is restoring. It’s a day. It’s humbling. It’s full of things I’m thankful for, every day. It is full of challenges. It’s full of lovelies. It is full of people who catch me It is full of mental, emotional and spiritual practices. It is full of imperfections.

When I choose to back up this blog and other things, the goal is to use these tools for accountability and support;the original goal when I started this thing in 2008.

A lot has happened in the last month and a half. I’ve set a time limit to wrap up this post, so I’ll include some photos and captions as quickly as possible.

Courtney and I recently spent a day together.
I am so proud of her.

I had a great birthday weekend recently
visit with this baby.

More photos from our last visit.
Mom and I have been very cold outside lately
visit They have since stopped visiting
Due to the increase in positive cases of Covid-19.

At six feet apart, we’re grateful for what we can do right now
even if it means no hugs. That’s the hardest part.

Noah and I enjoyed some play
with visual effects on messenger.

Halloween! I spent a little time back
three of my grandchildren and younger.
I was a “friendly zombie”.

Update on mom. he is not doing well now. If you can spare some prayers for him, please do. She is fighting another horrible UTI or something, luckily it’s not COVID-19 because they test her twice a week. His brain fog/delusions, one of the symptoms of the infection, are the worst they’ve ever been right now. It is not good. I have to have faith and put it in God’s hands, trusting that he will once again overcome this pattern of infection that has plagued him.

Thanks for reading and continued support,

Practice, peace and quiet,


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