Nokia has redesigned its iconic logo for the first time in nearly 60 years

Nokia, once a smartphone giant and now a telecommunications company, has unveiled a new brand identity to signal a change in strategy. Specifically, the company redesigned its iconic logo for the first time in nearly 60 years to relaunch the brand and move away from its association with phones.

The changes are drastic. gone is the blue Yale font that was strongly associated with Nokia and the brand slogan. Connecting people. The new logo consists of five different shapes that form the word NOKIA. The iconic blue color of the old logo has been dropped in favor of a variety of colors depending on usage.

“Most people think we’re still a successful mobile phone brand, but Nokia is not,” Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark told Bloomberg. “We want to launch a new brand focused on networking and industrial digitalization, which is completely different from legacy mobile phones,” he added.

“We’re updating our strategy, and as a key enabler, we’re also updating our brand to reflect who we are today; A leader in B2B technology innovation, driving the future where networks meet the cloud,” according to Nokia’s blog.

Lundmark said the company’s strategy consists of three phases: reset, accelerate and scale. After the end of the first stage, the second stage begins.

While Nokia is still looking to grow its service provider business, where it sells equipment to telcos, its main focus is now on selling equipment to other businesses.

It’s worth noting that Nokia’s phone business hasn’t been part of Nokia since 2014, when the company sold it to Microsoft, a deal that ended up being a disaster.

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