NEXCOM X300-Q370 Mini-ITX Board Powers Smart City Traffic Enforcement Applications Using AI Recognition

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Intelligent traffic management technology helps reduce accidents and improve driving behavior

NEXCOM is proud to support the next generation of smart city traffic management applications powered by artificial intelligence designed to reduce traffic accidents and save lives.”

– Peter Young, President

FREMONT, California, USA, March 13, 2023. / — NEXCOM, a leading global supplier of intelligent vehicles, today announced the launch of 8th Generation Intel.® Core™ processor, Intel® UHD Graphics 630 and Intel® Q370 chipset developed Mini-ITX board designed to improve driver awareness and road management when implemented with smart city radar technology.

Road traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, with more than 1.3 million road traffic fatalities and up to 50 million injuries each year. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered traffic management solutions help reduce accidents by 50% using smart city technology. To improve traffic management and power next-generation applications that encourage better driving behavior and reduce traffic violations, the NEXCOM X300-Q370 Mini-ITX board provides powerful processing power.

“NEXCOM is proud to support the next generation of smart city traffic management applications powered by artificial intelligence designed to reduce traffic accidents and save lives,” said NEXCOM President Peter Young. “The NEXCOM X300-Q370 Mini-ITX board delivers the processing power smart cities need to run the latest AI-powered applications, with the remote control tools and rugged infrastructure needed to withstand heavy use and weather conditions, reduce costs and improve reliability : “.

The NEXCOM Mini-ITX board combines rich ports with the necessary software to display speed limits and seat belt reminders on up to 55″ 4K@60Hz sharp displays and interactive LEDs. At the same time, it helps traffic management personnel detect traffic violations using an AI recognition system supported by ANPR cameras, reliably monitoring the surroundings 360° at all times. Driver violation data is sent to traffic management agencies via WiFi and cloud services.

The NEXCOM X300-Q370 Mini-ITX board is equipped with Intel® Q370 chipset, reducing system downtime and maintenance costs with remote control powered by Intel® Active management technology (iAMT). Using AI recognition technology, the robust, reliable, industrial-grade Mini-ITX board helps smart cities control speed violations in all weather conditions. With three HDMI ports, ten USB ports, mic-in/line-out ports for audio alerts, AI module PCIe x16 slot and one M.2 2230 Key E Wi-Fi interface, NEXCOM powers the future of smarts. urban traffic management.


• Support socket LGA1151 for 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors

• Intel® Q370/H310 chipset

• 2 x 260 pin SO-DIMM DDR4 up to 32 GB

• Triple display: HDMI/LVDS

• 2 x GbE with Intel® i219-LM and i211-AT

• 1 x M.2 2230 Key E

• 1 x SATA 3.0 (Q370)

• 3 x COM, 10 x USB, 1 x Audio

• 1 x PCIe x16 (Q370) or 1 x LVDS (H310)

To learn more, visit the NEXCOM website and download the app story.


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