Newcastle Knights vs Manly Sea Eagles results, kick-off, updates, round 13 news, Phil Gould hits the double move rule after Lachlan Fitzgibbon’s try.

The double move rule should be scrapped, according to Phil Gould.

The rugby league guru was on his feet after Knights second-row Lachlan Fitzgibbon was denied a try for a double move 22 minutes into the first half.

Fitzgibbon left-footed the ball over the try line after drilling a hole on the left wing, but the try was disallowed as Bunker thought he had committed a second.

“I hate the double move rule, I think if you get there you get there,” Gould said during Nine’s coverage.

“Fifty-fifty, you can understand the decision.

“But I don’t like the rule. I never liked the double move rule.”

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