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How to register in the trademark registry

Virtually anyone with trademark rights can register with the Brand Registry, including Private label sellers. You can even sign up if you’ve never sold on Amazon before. So you know you’re off to a flying start. But your trademark must be registered, not pending.

If you haven’t registered your trademark yet, now would be a good time to do so. Read our expert guest post on How to Protect Your Trademark for some insider tips. Take a few weeks and then list all your active registered trademark(s) and trademark numbers.

Then skip to eligibility requirements and check out our Amazon Brand Registry Quick Guide for a list of brand office sites. If you’re ready, make sure you tick all these boxes before clicking the ‘Register Now’ button and creating your Trademark Registry Account:

  • A list of product categories under which you think your brand should be listed.
  • List of countries where you manufacture and distribute your products.
  • Images of each product and packaging that showcase your brand.
  • Your website URL and/or a link to your web store page (WordPress is fine).
  • The main feature of your choice (model, style, catalog or part number).

Amazon will use this information to verify your business. Once registered, it will also be used by bots to block sellers from using the same wording, images, brand name or logos or claiming that they distribute or manufacture your product in another country.

It may take as little as 24 hours to be approved, but please allow a few days. Also, be sure to apply separately for each market and check that your product is not already registered. Amazon will send a code, usually by email, using the contact information provided, and notify you.

That’s it for now, but please stay tuned to our blog to learn about other exciting new updates from Amazon.

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