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January 26, 2023
Written by Alex Debeker

Automate text conversations on your website? Check: Automate conversations on your Facebook page? Check: Automate phone calls? Mmmm…

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We are excited to introduce Voice over IP or VOIP as a new channel for ubisend to enable customers to automate phone conversations.

With a VOIP chatbot, customer service team leaders can increase the efficiency of their call centers. HR departments can provide 24/7 service to all employees (also in several languages). And more.

The benefits of automating your phone line

For many businesses, the phone line is the least effective inbound channel. While live chat agents can handle multiple conversations at the same time, this is clearly impossible over the phone.

As a result, telephone queues grow and grow. and the customer’s impatience as well.

A United States study found that callers wait an average of 12.5 minutes on HRMC’s phone line; a number that has grown steadily over the past ten years ( source ).

This is one example of a trend prevalent in the industry. Of course, no one likes to be on hold. Velaro found that nearly 60% of callers won’t wait more than a minute, and a whopping 90% will hang up within 5 minutes.

careful call center research

Our new VOIP chatbot feature could be what sets you apart from your competitors and their angry customers.

Complex automation with a simple phone call

Automating phone calls should be as simple as automating text conversations. Since VOIP is “just another” ubisend channel, you can:

  • Automate simple questions and answers with FAQ.
  • Automate more complex conversations with our builder.
  • Create a multilingual phone chatbot. Our integration with audiocoders enables you to give your voice chatbot the perfect pronunciation and accent.
  • Create a VOIP experience powered by our proprietary AI that allows customers to communicate using completely natural language instead of the dreaded “press 1…press 2 for…”.

And much more.

Use case: A UK council is automating their call centre

Our client, a UK council, receives approximately 700 calls per week. These calls range from misplaced bins to reports of anti-social behavior and questions about their taxes.

Due to budget cuts and manpower shortages, the council receives only 400-450 calls per week.

That’s ~35% of missed callsmost of which are simple questions that a chatbot can easily solve.

By implementing our VOIP chatbot, our client can create a front line of support through automated interactions. When the chatbot is unable to help, it is equipped with a simple “forward” functionality, transferring the conversation to a human partner.

Like a text chatbot, a VOIP chatbot can handle hundreds of conversations simultaneously. That means a much more efficient customer service team and happier customers.

Start automating your call center. Read more about VOIP chatbots or request a demo to see it in action.

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