My 3 priorities for postpartum weight loss: primary potential

A few years ago I lost over 130 pounds after yo-yo dieting and struggling with obesity most of my life. Here I am again, less than 2.5 years after having 4 babies, on my postpartum weight loss journey.

Fortunately, I’m not interested in diets, plans or programs. I just want to be fit, healthy, confident and have a strong relationship with food. I don’t care about counting calories, macros, or the latest restrictive way of eating that promises fat loss.

I might have said the same things when I lost 130 pounds, but things are a little different this time. I’m older, I’m a little wiser, and I have 3 kids under 2 (so I don’t have the same flexibility as I did years ago). much more detail, but I wanted to summarize the 3 pillars of my approach to postpartum weight loss. I’m always learning, rethinking and tweaking, so here’s where things stand today.

The 3 pillars of my approach to postpartum weight loss

  1. Treatment comes first
    I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick. Years ago, if someone had talked about prioritizing treatment, I probably would have decided because I didn’t think I had anything to treat. This is what I know now. just looking at 3 pregnancies, 3 c-sections and 4 babies, healing to be done. Then add in stress, antibiotics, overeating, trauma from losing my daughter, lack of sleep (and more) and there is a LOT of healing to do. I’m specifically talking about healing the gut. All of the things I mentioned, and more, break down the protective gut barrier, causing the immune system to go into overdrive. When this happens, our inflammatory response is triggered, and it leads to everything from brain fog to metabolic disturbances and hormones. imbalance, resistance to weight loss and more. Because I want to be as healthy as possible and make weight loss easier, one of my postpartum weight loss priorities is healing my gut. (To learn a lot more about this, tune into episodes 1061 and 1062 of the Prime Potential podcast. In these episodes, I talk about how I do this and some supplements that help. I’ll also link to them below.
  2. Protein is a constant priority
    Every time I eat, whether it’s a meal or a snack, it contains protein. Protein is essential for healing. It is also essential for satiety and helps reduce cravings. Most of us don’t consume enough protein. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go crazy with protein shakes and steaks as big as my head, but as a way to keep my blood sugar in balance and avoid excessive hunger and cravings, protein will be present at every meal. My favorite ways to fit in protein are Greek yogurt, eggs, a protein smoothie (this is the protein I’m currently using), chicken thighs, salmon, and cheese.
  3. Be strong as hell
    Ok…in this one you have to listen to episode 538 of the Primal Potential podcast first. Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and join the episode. It doesn’t matter if postpartum weight loss is your goal or not. Everyone should listen to this episode at least a few times. I weight train (at home) 4 times a week with the goal of getting stronger. A cautionary tale. if you are afraid of getting “bulky” if you lift weights, please know that this only happens if you are eating a caloric surplus. If you’re getting bulky and don’t want to be, it’s a food problem, not a weight training problem.

    By getting stronger and putting on some muscle (which has nothing to do with getting bigger – this is a common misconception), I will not only improve my fitness, I will improve my balance, health, and ability to care for my loved ones. , but I’ll also look better naked. And one of my favorite benefits, because muscle is more metabolically active than other tissues, I’ll be able to eat more without gaining weight or preventing weight loss.

    But seriously, listen to episode 538 if you haven’t already. Don’t bypass it.

Here are some podcast episodes you should listen to for more details:

Episode 1061: One of the most important health and weight loss episodes I’ve done

Episode 1047: 10 Tips to Lose Fat!

Episode 538: If you’re over 30, you need to listen to this

Supplements I Take for Postpartum Weight Loss





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