Struggling mum-of-eight with no money forced to cook stones for starving kids

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Struggling mum-of-eight with no money forced to cook stones for starving kids

Throughout the pandemic, Kenya has established a feeding program that hopes to tackle those who were left facing the brunt. Government help has yet to achieve Peninah, whose husband had been murdered by a gang last year.

A starving mum of eight has been shown on Kenya’s NTV cooking her hungry children stones, in the hopes that they will fall asleep while they await their food.

image source : igvofficial

She told the news:

I didn’t believe that Kenyans can be so loving after I received phone calls from all over the country asking how they might be of help after being on tv.

Peninah has forced to pretend to her kids that she is making dinner. Despite her efforts, she says her children are aware of what is happening. She told Kenya’s NTV:

They started telling me that they knew I was lying to them, but I could do nothing because I had nothing.

image source : news.nestia

Peninah Bahati Kitsao is struggling to make ends meet under the lockdown that has imposed in Kenya. Previously, she used to wash laundry for a living to provide for her eight children but has described as unbearable’ as her two-bedroom house in Mombasa has no electricity or water.

Prisca Momanyi, a neighbor, decided to tell the media about Peninah’s struggles and has agreed to open up a bank account for her as the nation rallies around her through these problematic since that time she has been receiving generous donations via mobile phones.

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