Monkeypox is spreading in waves! The whole country was on alert to find out why.

monkey disease

The monkeypox disease, which began to be seen in the United States after England, is spreading in waves. Authorities have been vigilant in the face of the disease, which has already begun to be called an epidemic in England. The British, who did not want to face a new epidemic, began to search for the cause of the disease by searching the entire country. The first step for the authorities, who wanted to stop the monkeypox epidemic before it started, was gay venues and spas.

The monkeypox disease, which was first detected in England and then began to appear in the United States, began to cause panic. As the number of cases in England increased, authorities deepened their investigations to tighten the work. The British press reported extensively on what they called the monkeypox epidemic.

The fact that the last 4 people identified in the UK were homosexuals focused the search on gay venues. It was announced that two of the first three people with the virus lived in the same house, and the other was from Nigeria. No contact or connection could be detected between the first three cases and the last four cases.


In the United Kingdom, 9 cases have been officially detected so far. It was announced that the first case was a British man who had travelled to Nigeria. The authorities have stated that since the last 4 cases involved homosexuals, they have turned to gay venues.


According to developments in Europe; Seven homosexual or bisexual men have tested positive in Spain, while nine cases involving mainly young men have been identified in Portugal. There is also concern that monkeypox may be much more common than we currently know, given that most patients are unrelated.


The United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) has warned men to be careful of any rash that develops on their face or genitals.

The British have formed a team to stay in touch with detected cases and infected people. They have particularly warned those who have sexual contact and visit places such as spas and saunas to be careful.


Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that can be transmitted by infected wild animals in parts of West and Central Africa. While 9 cases have been detected in the UK so far, it was announced that 23 people were showing symptoms of monkeypox in Spain on Wednesday. It was announced that 15 suspected cases have been investigated in Portugal.

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