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What are the limitations of Monday Sales CRM software?

As much as we enjoyed using Monday Sales CRM, there were a few limitations we encountered during our research.

For example, the free Monday version of this product does not include all the features associated with its paid plans, such as unlimited boards, lead scoring, sales analysis and forecasting, account management, and synchronization with Google Calendar.

This means that users who need access to these advanced features for the overall success of their business will have to upgrade their plans, which can be difficult and frustrating for those on a tight budget.

We recommend signing up for a free trial first before deciding whether or not it’s worth paying for.

What sets Monday Sales CRM apart from the competition?

Monday Sales CRM has some unique features which set it apart from its competitors.

As we mentioned before, it is more affordable and offers better versatility and: scalability for both small and large businesses compared to PipeDrive.

In addition, it offers a free program for users who only need the most basic CRM features, unlike PipeDrive, which provides users with a short 14-day free trial of its services.

Furthermore, this platform is very intuitive and easy to use, providing customization options and drag-and-drop capabilities that make it easy to customize your workspace based on your needs.

All these aspects and more make this product an ideal choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive and budget-friendly CRM platform manage their sales.

How to get started with Monday Sales CRM

If you are ready to use this CRM software, getting started is very easy.

All you have to do is sign up for their 14-day free trial with your Google account or email address.

Monday Sales CRM - Engagement Process

After doing this, its connection process takes a few minutes to complete, so the platform can help customize your account to suit your needs.

After creating a password and entering your name, it will ask you about your job and reason for using the service.

At SBB we said we use it for specific work and that I own the business.

Monday Sales CRM - Engagement Process 2

Next, it will ask you about yourself the team and: the company size as well as what you would like to focus on the most when using this product.

In this case, we chose lead management.

Monday Sales CRM - Engagement Process 3

It will then prompt you to select the areas you’d like this platform to help you with before inviting your team to your new account.

The last step is to give your first board a name, and then you’re done ready to start managing your sales!

Monday Sales CRM - Get started

What’s more, if you find you need a little help learning how to use your new board, it provides a Get Started tab that includes articles and video tutorials to guide you through any learning curve.

Is Monday Sales CRM easy to learn and use?

In our experience, this product is one of the easiest CRM providers to learn and use. The interface is clean and organized, so it’s easy to navigate even if you’re not a techie.

It helps sales managers and teams to:

  • Closing transactions
  • Track transaction progress
  • Monitoring sales pipelines
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Managing contacts and accounts

Moreover, its collaborative features and live data analysis enable sales managers and teams to stay organized and on top of their game.

At the end of the day, we highly recommend Monday Sales CRM to anyone looking for a user-friendly and customizable sales CRM.

Monday Sales CRM Customer Service and Support Review

Monday Sales CRM’s premier customer support is available to assist you with any questions questions or questions that you meet

Its sales representatives can be contacted via email, live chat or phone. However, it is important to note that Live chat is only available Monday through Friday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PMwhile the phone option is reserved for billing issues only.

When we encountered a problem, we chose to contact them by email which created a ticket with a waiting time of up to 10 hours.

Although it may take longer for someone to respond if they have a large number of requests.

Along with that, the platform also provides a detailed knowledge base with video tutorials and articles that users can review if they need faster results.

While the platform’s customer service was slow to respond and could be improved, we were thoroughly impressed with the detailed knowledge base that helped us resolve our issues quickly.

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