Mercedes Unveils Future F1 Factory Expansion Plans – Sport Grill

(Image: Mercedes AMG F1)

Mercedes has revealed future plans to expand their F1 factory in Brackley, UK.

Since 2017, Mercedes has been transforming its factory with several departments including the Race Bays for their F1 cars, which have been “migrated to state-of-the-art equipment” in recent years as part of ongoing works around their F1 factory and campus.

Therefore, Mercedes is now ready to further expand their site by purchasing adjacent land, which the team believes could represent a “significant net gain” for the local community outside of their team.

As part of the expansion, Mercedes will create new facilities focused on employee health and well-being, as well as fresh “sustainability infrastructure and significantly improved vehicle flows that will enable more of the site to be pedestrianized.”

Mercedes team principal and CEO Toto Wolff explained that their current campus was built for 350 people, which has since grown to 1,250 employees, meaning expansion was needed to turn their base into a “modern-style campus”. for:

In addition to health and wellness facilities, Wolff also approved the following planned amenities, as he commented:

Mercedes will also design a “brand new parking structure”, which will be partly shared with Brackley Town Football Club, to enable the local football club to provide an improved matchday experience for the community and enable a virtually ‘car-free’ campus. .

As part of the parking structure, there will be “a full solar array that will enable over 70 electric vehicles to be charged using our own renewable energy infrastructure.”

Wolff also clarified that the new buildings will be designed in line with Mercedes’ Net-Zero targets for the benefit of employees, as he added: “Everything is done to create a great place to work and spend time.

“We want it to become its own little village, with all the amenities and benefits you’d expect from a Silicon Valley-style environment.”

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