Mercedes Monae (Sasha Banks) should have left WWE a long time ago

Mercedes Monae, formerly Sasha Banks, made her NJPW debut.

Mercedes Monae, formerly Sasha Banks, made her NJPW debut.
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If you were like me and god help you if you are and you need some wrestling cleanup. WWE screwed up the WWE stuff on Saturday, that’s when Mercedes Monet came to your rescue late at night. Mercedes returned to the ring at NJPW’s Battle In The Valley in San Jose, wrestling Kairi (formerly Kairi Sane in WWE) for the newly created NJPW Women’s Championship. And if this is the game Mercedes was trying to crack under New York’s scrutiny, and if this is what he’s going to deliver going forward and more, then maybe he should have struck out on his own a while ago. .

There has always been a suspicion that Ms. Monet was clearly carrying herself, given her exit; Whether it was the lack of dance partners to creatively stretch her, Vince McMahon’s dislike of the women’s division, or anything else that differed from his vision of wrestling, or simply the stars not aligning. Mercedes always wanted to do a lot, thought she could do more, and only briefly managed to flash everything that was in her shell.

Some of Monet’s best work in WWE came during Epidemic, when he held both the tag titles and eventually SmackDown: women’s title when the company was either rehearsing or simply apathetic and just let their performers go. She had a great match with Io Shirai and others in NXT, started another brilliant feud with Bayley, actually let Asuka be Asuka, and had great matches every week. But of course there were limits to what anyone could do in empty arenas filled with screens.

The last great moment for Sasha Banks came in her Mania match with Bianca Bellaire, which definitely stole both nights of the event. Beller provided enough versatility, personality and athleticism to do anything Banks wanted to do and produced a classic. And yet it was only 17 minutes.

Everyone knows the story from there. Banks floundered in the women’s tag division, where she and Naomi did their best to revitalize a scene that WWE just wasn’t interested in, and eventually they left due to a lack of attention (and also because Ronda Rousey sucks). And it all left it feeling as long as Banks had been in WWE that so much was left on the table.

And they were right

Saturday night proved anyone who felt that way right. Amazingly, after nine months out of the ring, Mone was able to return and put on a 27-minute blowout in his first match that somehow took Kazuchika Okada-Hiroshi Tanahashi off the screen (and the latter was pretty good). When did Monet get 20+ minutes with WWE? Maybe one from Charlotte will match before 2016.

Mercedes showed a wide range of skills and effects against Kairi, whether it was a lucha transition;

Either some Joshi acrobatics, or Mercedes’ knack for putting herself in as much danger as possible;

Or a new finisher that suits the whole ass.

It has to be said that Kairi is the perfect match for Monet, given their chemistry, Kairi’s hard work now that she’s back in Japan, and her ability to make almost anything look fatal, whether she’s taking it or giving it. it: Let’s hope this is far from the last time these two will dance.

The game touched every nerve in Monet’s storytelling abilities, as he was able to veer from his brutal boss persona to every bit the hero he is now through standing up for his principles and back again. She even landed some historic hits, whether it was a belly-to-belly Bayley move on a traitorous Bayley or paying homage to Hana Kimura with her outfit. Give him time, he’ll put everything in the stew.

What happens now is still anyone’s guess. NJPW’s women’s division has thus far consisted of three matches spread over months. If Monet is going to take the NJPW title with him for more matches at Stardom, it’s still a site and portal that isn’t really ready to welcome the whole new audience that Monet will provide. There’s still no English port for Stardom so fans can choose who’s who and what’s what.

And people will come, Ray. People will surely come if it’s the quality of the game that Mercedes Moné is going to produce with all the strings. Now he can do whatever he wants and it’s a very full folder indeed.

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