MDaudit President and CEO Peter Butler is retiring

MDaudit President and CEO Peter Butler is retiring

Ritesh Ramesh

MDaudit, a provider of award-winning technology and analytical tools that enable leading healthcare organizations to preserve revenue and reduce risk, today announced that its longtime president and CEO, Peter J. The company’s current CEO, Ritesh Ramesh, will be in the role of CEO.

Butler will continue to serve on MDaudit’s board of directors and as an investor, advising on future investment and growth opportunities for the company. He has been with MDaudit for 30 years, including the last 16 as President and CEO.

“My tenure at MDaudit has been truly rewarding, but it is time for me to pursue my personal goals,” said Butler, who was the visionary behind the company’s successful transition from consulting to technology. “Staying on the board, I get the best of both worlds. the opportunity to begin the next chapter of my life while supporting Ritesh as he leads MDaudit’s continued innovation and solidifies its position at the leading edge of the revenue integrity market.”

Ramesh joined MDaudit in 2019 as CTO and has played an integral role in the company’s transformation into a technology organization focused on supporting the healthcare industry’s evolution toward revenue integrity. In 2021, he was named Chief Technology Officer of the Year 16 by the Globee Annual IT World Awards and in 2020 was awarded silver in 8th positionth Annual CEO World Awards, Executive Achievement of the Year in the Information Technology Services category. Ramesh was promoted to COO in 2021 and led MDaudit’s client and technology teams to drive the company’s growth and continued innovation in the revenue integrity market.

“It is an honor to take the helm at MDaudit and build on our mission to deliver innovation through technology-enabled healthcare revenue integrity,” said Ramesh. “We have a great culture, a growing customer base and a market-leading platform. We will continue to focus on providing next-generation tools and innovative partnerships that transform revenue cycle management and compliance strategies and enable our clients to strengthen revenue and stay ahead of regulatory risks.”

Central to the company’s strategy is the continued advancement of MDaudit Enterprise Platform’s augmented intelligence (AI) and data-driven capabilities, including to further enhance its revenue integrity, productivity benefits and total value to clients. The innovative platform combines fully integrated risk capabilities and supporting workflows on a single platform, redefining the integrated continuum of risk and revenue capabilities across the healthcare organization’s value chain.

In terms of new product innovation, the company will maintain its focus on developing next-generation technologies with features and capabilities that include AI-based analytics and insights, machine learning and other core functions to ensure compliance and revenue integrity.

“I am very proud of the many breakthrough solutions the MDaudit team has created over the years, and I leave knowing that MDaudit’s future as a leading innovator in revenue integrity is secure under Ritesh’s leadership,” said Butler. “I move into my next chapter confident that the company’s focus will remain on optimizing and growing our people, customers, operations, as we continue to develop transformative technologies to support healthcare organizations in their pursuit of financial excellence.”

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By Scott Rupp MDAudit, Peter J. Butler, Ritesh Ramesh

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