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18 May 2023 |: Traders | Dustin

A marijuana merchant account can seem daunting. That’s because hemp, CBD, and Delta-8 companies all walk the fine line of “high risk.” For banks, this means increased regulations and oversight of the industry. Fortunately, if you fall into this category, there are solutions to meet your recycling needs.

Marijuana payment processing

Historically, the hemp industry and the processing of marijuana payments have been closed to most businesses. Due to uncertainty and changing federal and state laws, it was difficult to find reliable suppliers. However, as progress towards change took place, certain private banks emerged individually in response to demand.

With PayKings, we help you set up your payment channels and establish your e-commerce website as a legitimate stable company. Furthermore, we provide superior customer service to assist with your application, placement and investment.

Marijuana payment processing

Commercial marijuana paraphernalia accountLet’s face it, customers want payment options, and most of them prefer credit cards. Operating an online store means serving your customers to get more sales. Furthermore, you may have great products and memorable branding, but when it comes to payments, are you up to scratch?

Major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have strict guidelines for cannabis-related sales. In addition, understanding the finer points and operating your business correctly is critical to achieving long-term solutions.

Safety is also important. Customers want to keep their information safe and may be reluctant to buy marijuana online. Having a secure payment and marijuana payment gateway is essential to lock down transactions.

Growing your cannabis business

Commercial Marijuana Oil AccountAs the popularity of marijuana spreads, so will the competition within the industry. To stay ahead of the game, you need to simplify every aspect of your company. This includes choosing the best types of products that represent your brand.

Some popular cannabis-related products include:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD for pets
  • Delta-8
  • Cannabis
  • Hemp Clothing
  • Marijuana
  • Marijuana Pre-rolled
  • Paraphrenalia

There are a variety of products in this market to choose from, but each has its own limitations. For example, CBD must have Certificates of Approval showing less than 0.3% THC content. Also, if you’re selling cannabis-related products like packaging, t-shirts, or creative design services, you’ll face even fewer regulations than those who sell the product directly.

If you want fast marijuana payment processing at a low interest rate, be sure to contact PayKings. We’ll guide you through the application process and help you get your cannabis store up and running with a stable marijuana merchant account.

18 May 2023 |: Traders | Dustin

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