Manage your data efficiently and quickly with bulk data management

Bulk data management

Data management means a lot more than you think to e-commerce success. It’s one of the most valuable tools you can use to make improvements or changes as you grow your business. That’s why Prisync is focused on providing you with competitive pricing and competitor data. When you can control all the big data that leads you to make smarter decisions, you will become a strong competitor.

Our bulk data management saves a ton of time because all information is provided in one dashboard with easy-to-understand reports and graphs. Don’t waste your time trying too hard to understand what your data is telling you. Prisync is here to simply manage your pricing and competitor aggregate data.

What makes Prisync most interesting is that all the data we provide you is included in one dashboard and presented in an easy-to-interpret form with graphs and charts. You can reach critiques very quickly and without taking up too much of your time through a single channel. When you log into Prisync’s dashboard, you can manage all competitors’ product information, reports, dynamic bids, and any other information you need with one click.

data management on the Prisync panel

1. Select Actions

Once you click on the manage option, you will have a detailed dashboard for your product, brand, categories and competitors. It is available to see the total number of your products that fulfill certain categories like electronics, beauty, toys and games etc. This helps to check the profitability of the brand you are trying to best serve.

You can add your product cost information to your dashboard to compare and monitor their performance and profitability. Each of them will appear under the part – product, you can choose to remove and add new ones every day.

product categories
Prisync panel - manage products

2. Change competitors

Tune in to your competition using the Prisync panel. It will take you some time to manually find and add competitor URLs. SmartMatch is another Prisync feature that can speed up the configuration process. You can instantly add all your competitors who are present on your Prisync account using this automatic matching feature.

Under Options-Competitor Management, you can see how many URLs you have added for a specific competitor. So it’s easier to track your closest competitors and see how many similar products you have.

manage competitors

Batch data import

Batch data import is very useful for collecting all your competitor and pricing data as an archive. You can download your reports daily, weekly or monthly. Select your document type and arrange the date. You can also specify the data you want to import—exclude or include certain competitors, brands, categories, or otherwise.

Stay current by introducing new competitors and products to your dashboard. Prisync’s tool will collect all the necessary data from your marketplace. If you want to expand your e-commerce market from different marketplaces like Google Shopping, Shopify, Amazon etc.; importing your data will help a lot. Prisync’s engine automatically tracks competitor data to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

batch import

1. Start importing and exporting

Before starting the import process, you can view the import guide and download a sample file. Make sure you have your answer for any type of question. Our support team is always ready to help.

You can also download the import file in any document format you want. This will help to have a history of price/competitor data. So you can compare your product performance with the same dates last year and use this information to make your future decisions.

data import

2. Select the type

You can introduce both new products and competitors, it all depends on you. Before you begin your process, select one of the options below and proceed to drag and upload your file to add your new products and competitor to your dashboard.

  • Our users can add products from their Shopify account with one click. Additionally, it is available to add new competitor URLs to an existing product page at any time. As you introduce new products and competitors, your dashboard will be updated in your daily reports.
Importing data to Prisync from a Shopify account
  • You don’t need to have a Shopify store to add your products to your Prisync dashboard. All other options are available in different markets. You can add new products and competitors through your channel-based account.
  • You can have a Shopify store and a channel-based account at the same time. Import products and URLs from both of your store accounts. Prisync is focused on collecting all the necessary pricing and competitor information so you can make more profit. Our engine makes this tracking very simple and efficient with the best automation.


In e-commerce, it is very important to take action quickly and efficiently. There are many options and competitors in the market. Consumers are becoming more sensitive day by day and don’t buy without comparison and research. That’s why it’s so important to have easy access to your valuable market data. Besides doing it manually, Prisync makes it the easiest for you to use. Simply analyze the data before making your pricing decisions using our dashboard and make business decisions accordingly. The easiest way to earn.

batch data import bulk data management

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