Mama Beagle Ends Her Puppies Fight With Just One Look

As human beings, almost every mom tells her growing kids that they will understand things when they also have their kids. This behavior also holds for parents, especially mothers who can’t help saying this repeatedly to their children. Your job is never complete as a parent, and is particularly true for moms, even when she is a dog.

It appears that the job of a mother is full-time across the species. Incidentally, a family caught the footage of a dog mom and her fighting puppies. This footage recorded the special moments which melted the entire world’s heart. It is so charming to watch the dog mom behave just like human parents.

Siblings engage in play fights in the animal world also. It is a part of the growing up process. You will be surprised to learn that mom had to intervene and sort things out when her two small puppies got into a little fight.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

Luckily one of the family members was holding a camera at that particular moment to capture those special moves of the puppies and her dog mom. The clip came out so funny and hilarious.

It all started with two canine brothers who are little beagles. They were busy sniffing around the room and doing their routine job.

While doing so, they happened to cross paths. One of the puppies decided to move on and let it be. But it seemed that the second puppy had already decided to make it a point not to let it go.

Although one of them was not interested, the other one was inclined to play, whatever it took. The first puppy jumped on the other sibling, and both of them started ruffling. All this got a little serious, and their mother’s interest also got aroused to a maximum.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

She immediately came over to check what was going on and wanted to resolve the issue. So far, everything seemed under control. The puppies had indulged in a play fight, but their behavior changed suddenly when their mother arrived at the scene.

The puppies and her mom’s action was strikingly similar to human behavior. You can’t just control yourself and laugh heartily over it.

This adorable clip went viral because it resonated with everyone who watched it. It generated more than 2.6 million views. Of course, this youtube video got too many likes along with innumerable lovely comments of viewers.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Alex Velasco

One of the viewers commented that usually, all mothers give the kids a convincing look to stop immediately or face the consequences. Another viewer cited their concuteversation in a funny human way. The first puppy says that he is the cute one and the other one also says that no, he is. Their mother appears and tells them to stop it and says that both of them are cute.

A third person mentioned what all of us might have thought that she came laughing right over, saying that no, they are not doing this ‘SO CUTE’ business today.

You can watch the YouTube video below. It will bring a cute smile to your face too.

watch the video in Alex Velasco Channel

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