Latest news of Ukraine. Putin vows Russia is ‘impossible to defeat’ and blasts West for ‘escalating the war’ in chilling speech

VLADIMIR Putin has vowed to “systematically” continue Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, as he said the state of his nation.

The Russian president began his speech today ahead of the first anniversary of Moscow’s war in Ukraine and promised that the Kremlin will not give in.

“Step by step, we will carefully and systematically solve the goals before us,” Putin said ahead of the first anniversary of the military intervention.

He continued. “The elites of the West do not hide their goal… In other words, they intend to turn the local conflict into a stage of global confrontation. But they also cannot fail to understand that it is impossible to defeat Russia. battlefield, therefore they are conducting more and more aggressive information attacks against us.

He also accused the West of escalating the conflict after Kiev’s allies promised to send new weapons to Ukraine, saying: elites”

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  • Putin’s speech ends

    Vladimir Putin’s speech ended after about 2 hours.

    At the end, the dictator added that Russia has suspended participation in the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Operations.

    This was a strategic arms reduction treaty between the US and Russia that was signed in 2002.

  • Putin insists that Russia will not strike first

    Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will not strike first.

    It came after he criticized the West, saying that “step by step they began to destroy the global security and arms control system”.

  • Putin talks about nuclear facilities

    Russia complains that the USA and NATO do not allow nuclear weapons inspections.

    Vladimir Putin said it was “absolutely absurd” that the West wanted to inspect our facilities.

  • Putin “in a completely different reality”.

    Putin’s speech showed he had lost touch with reality, according to one of Zelensky’s close advisers.

    Political adviser Mykhailo Podoliak told Reuters. “He is in a completely different reality, where there is no possibility of conducting a dialogue about justice and international law.”

  • Putin mentions Belarus

    Vladimir Putin mentioned Belarus for the first time in his speech.

    He said. “I would like to emphasize that those who were born and raised in Belarus and Donbas, those who fought for the independence of these territories, should be at the forefront of our future development.”

  • Putin talks about the economy

    Vladimir Putin is now talking about the Russian economy and how it is a time of “challenges but also opportunities”.

    The Russian leader accused the West of “stealing” Moscow’s currency reserves.

    He added that the country should not “repeat the mistakes of the past”.

    Credit: AFP
  • Putin’s speech lasts more than an hour

    The Russian tyrant has been walking for more than an hour.

    He now talks about economic issues and claims that Moscow does not need to borrow from abroad.

  • Putin is trying to justify the actions

    Putin tried to blame Ukraine for the war and accused the West of working “behind our backs” to undermine Russia.

    He went on long-winded tangents, talking about history and complaining about what he sees as the decline of the West.

    “We protect people’s lives, but the West’s goals are unlimited power,” sighed Putin.

    He complained that the West was “spitting on the whole world” as it tried to justify the violence in Ukraine.

  • Putin claims that Russia’s existence is at stake

    Putin claimed that Russia’s existence was at stake, but warned that it was “impossible” to defeat them despite their persistent military failures in Ukraine.

    Vlad said he would “systematically” continue his war in Ukraine and accused the West of “starting a war against Russia.”

  • The West is punishing itself with sanctions against Russia.

    Putin stated that the West is punishing him by expanding sanctions against Russia.

    He said: “The initiators of sanctions are punishing themselves…

    “They provoked price increases in their countries, factory closings, collapse of the energy sector, and they tell their citizens that the Russians are to blame.”

    He added: “They are trying to destabilize our society from within.”

  • Putin will “strengthen the navy and the army”.

    Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia will “strengthen the navy and the army” using the approved military program.

    He claimed that some weapons were “superior” to Western equipment.

  • Putin is speaking directly to the people of Luhansk and Donetsk

    Putin insists they will continue their program of “social rehabilitation” in areas such as Luhansk and Donetsk.

    He added: “I want to especially thank the citizens of Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, you have decided your future yourself.”

    “You made your choice despite the threats of Nazi terror.”

  • Putin appeals to the families who lost relatives in the army

    Putin insists that Russia should respond quickly to military families.

    He claims they will create a foundation that will provide “education and professional development” to bereaved family members.

  • Putin thanks the armed forces

    Putin is now thanking the Russian armed forces that were fighting.

    He praised mothers, wives, doctors, nurses, railway workers, engineers, agricultural workers for their role.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Putin claims that “millions of people in the West are being led to spiritual destruction”

    The tyrant says the West recognizes same-sex marriage.

    “That is good: They are adults. They have the right to live their lives. We are always very tolerant in this matter in Russia.”

    Putin claims that “millions of people in the West understand that they are being led to spiritual destruction” and that the West is now trying to “destabilize” their society.

    He added that Russia will never be the same as the “Kiev regime”.

  • Putin criticized the “anti-Russian project”.

    Putin stated that “the Ukrainian people have become hostages of Western countries”.

    He added that “poverty” has increased and that the West has turned Ukrainians into “cannon fodder” and Ukraine’s lands are now a training ground for the West.

  • Putin responds to the “endless stream of accusations”.

    Putin claimed there was an “endless stream of recriminations” at the Munich Security Conference.

    He claimed that “the West let the genie out of the bottle” as a result of the wars and accused them of carrying out many coups.

    The Russian leader said that Western countries are trying to distract from “corruption scandals” by talking about the war.

  • Putin emphasized the ability of the US

    Vladimir Putin “emphasized” that the USA has the most bases in the whole world.

    Putin claimed that Russia was “outright rejected” after they asked for “guarantees” from the US.

    He continued to repeat that Ukraine “started the war” and Russia “used force to stop it”.

  • Putin Claims NATO Talked ‘Nuclear Weapons Before War’

    Putin claims Western countries were talking about supplying Ukraine with “nuclear weapons” before Russia launched its so-called “special military operation”.

    He went on to claim that Western countries believe they can “do anything”.

    The dictator also claimed that the Ukrainians were waiting for the Russians to “help them”.

  • Putin begins his speech

    Vladimir Putin claims it comes as a “very difficult time” with new historical changes that will determine the future of his nations.

    The tyrant insisted that they will continue to achieve their goals “step by step”.

  • Putin will soon make a speech…

    Vladimir Putin will inform about the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

    The Russian tyrant will address the members of both houses of parliament, military commanders and soldiers.

  • The head of the Wagner Group criticized the Minister of Defense

    Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Russian “Wagner” mercenary group, claims that the Minister of Defense deprived his fighters of ammunition.

    According to Reuters, Prigogine said in a voice message published on his Telegram channel. “There is just direct opposition going on.”

    He went on to claim that it was “an attempt to destroy Wagner”.

  • “We will win”

    Zelensky thanked Joe Biden for his visit last night and repeated his claims that Russia “will answer for its crimes”.

    In his night message, the Ukrainian said:

    “It will be the responsibility of Ukraine and all our partners, the entire free world and all those who now help us defend our independence, freedom and international law and order.

    “We will win in this historic confrontation.”

  • China ‘deeply concerned’

    China’s foreign minister has said they are “deeply concerned” that the war in Ukraine could “get out of hand”.

    “China is deeply concerned that the conflict in Ukraine will continue to escalate or even get out of control.”

    “We call on some countries to immediately stop fanning the flames.”

    This comes as reports claim that China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, is set to arrive in Moscow today.

  • A royal meeting

    King Charles told the heroes of Ukrainian fighters they were amazing as he watched the recruits being trained by British forces.

    He met dozens of volunteers taking part in training exercises at a secret location in Wiltshire yesterday

    Charles, 74, watched about 40 as they stormed fake enemy trenches to the sound of explosions, smoke and gunfire.

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