June product update

Jake has some NextivaONE magic tricks to show you…

Easily identify unknown numbers

When you receive a call or text from an unknown number (one not saved in your NextivaONE contacts), you see “Maybe Caller’s Name”.

Now these suggested Caller IDs also appear in your chat history.

Makes it so much easier to scan through your missed messages and pinpoint the ones you need.

Hurry to see what they sent

Previously you had to download a file to see what was in it.

These days, when you receive a text or chat with an attachment, you’ll see a very good preview of what’s inside. no download required.

Better manage recurring meetings

Remember when you scheduled a recurring appointment on NextivaONE but ran into a roadblock if you only wanted to change one appointment in the series?

It’s all over.

Now for your recurring appointments created in NextivaONE, you can update just one appointment or change them all at once.

Want to learn more?

Visit our product updates page to see what else you can do now.

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