Jason Reitel (WOMC 300 lb Cowboy) Weight Loss Story

November 30, 2021

Jason Reitel's Weight Loss

Carrying extra pounds can be difficult both physically and emotionally. It’s even harder not to look or feel your best when you’re in the public eye, like 104.3’s Jason Ratiel or Mike Aguilar Mojo in the morning.

This year, Jason decided it was finally time to lose weight. She started the Ideal You program in January 2021, hoping to lose 40 pounds by March. As of today, he has lost 100 pounds and is no longer the 300 lb cowboy.

If you want to make a difference in your life, Ideal You is here to help. We offer our clients the opportunity for life-changing weight loss that happens quickly and sustainably without fad diets or hours of exercise. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on to learn how Jason Ratiel made it happen.

A 300lb cowboy is no longer 300lbs

Jason Reitel

Jason Ratiel, executive producer and on-air personality for 104.3 WOMC, spent years making his weight a focal point of his show. In fact, his “brand”, the 300 lb cowboy, was based on his size. He’ll even take part in stunts centered around his weight, like a lot of stuffing Peeps in the mouth as much as possible.

For Jason, being a 300lb cowboy lost its appeal. After years of doing the same thing, he wanted to take charge of his own health and well-being. In January 2021, he decided to control his weight – and joined Ideal You.

How Jason Reitel lost 100 pounds with your ideal

Initially, Jason set a goal of losing 50 pounds in the first 40 days of the program. In just 3 weeks he had already fallen 30 pounds – and feel much better. In less than a year, Jason lost 100 pounds and was looking for a new stage name.

Ideal You is different from other weight loss programs. As Jason Reitel can attest, we’re not asking you to crash diet or exercise for hours on end. We’re also not asking you to eat frozen diet meals, chalky shakes, or nasty protein bars.

Instead, you will eat real food from your structured food list. Instead of chowing down on bland, boring “diet” foods, you’ll get to eat plenty of lean protein. healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables. We even offer a variety of healthy, flavorful recipes help you get started!

The Ideal You program works by helping you shift your metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning. We know that weight loss is about more than just cutting calories. To help our clients lose weight quickly and sustainably, we address all the factors that lead to weight gain (and make it harder to lose pounds), such as sleep and hydration.

When Jason joined Ideal You, he had no idea he would lose ⅓ of his body weight. But by taking advantage of what our program has to offer, including natural supplements, a food diaryweigh-ins, a structured food list, and support from weight loss coaches and doctors, she was able to make a huge difference in her life.

Say goodbye to the 300 lb cowboy and hello to the Ideal.

Lose weight quickly and steadily with Ideal You

Whether you’re an on-air radio personality or an avid radio listener, we can all use a little help getting to our goal weight. Ideal You makes this possible with a team of professionals who guide you through the process and help you make better choices.

Ideal You is a lifestyle change focusing on eating real food and taking food-based supplements to boost your metabolism. With our program, you’ll experience sustainable, life-changing weight loss that happens faster than you ever dreamed possible. Working together, we’ll help you get to where you want to be, just like we did for Jason Ratiel.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 888-488-7258 or schedule a free consultation here Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Lansingor Sterling Heights places.

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