Japan cordons off beach over ‘mysterious ball’ — RT World News

Police are investigating a large spherical object that has reportedly washed up on a beach

A mysterious bullet found on a beach in a Japanese city has prompted police to cordon off the area. They are concerned that the object may be some sort of sea mine, local media reported.

The object was spotted on Monday morning by a local woman in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, who reported it to law enforcement.

According to media reports, it is about 1.5 meters in diameter and may be made of iron, as its surface appears rusty.

The ball appears to have washed ashore from the sea and has two latch points on opposite sides.

Police cordoned off the area within a 200-meter radius of the facility and called the Japan Self-Defense Forces, asking the military to send someone to check for explosives there.

Hunt for mysterious round object intensifies after US accuses China of flying “spy balloon” through its airspace earlier this month. Beijing said the object was a meteorological instrument that had mistakenly strayed into US airspace.

Washington redoubled his espionage charges and shot down the plane, along with several other unidentified objects, one of which may have been a balloon launched by an Illinois hobby club.

A US ally suddenly recalls the discovery of the “Chinese hot air balloon”.

The US claims that China regularly sends spy balloons over other countries “on five continents”. Japan has reported three separate incursions into airspace between 2019 and 2021, which it says could have been Beijing.

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