Jack Follman’s Top Pac-12 Tight Ends 2023

Posted on June 6, 2023

  By Jack Follman, SuperWest Sports

Pac-12:D:Alton Kincaid had one of the best years the Pac-12 has ever had in 2022, and now the slate is blank for the next star.

There are plenty of good candidates to step up and have a big season in 2023, including a teammate who could have an even better career than he already has in Brant Kuyte.

Here are the most expensive tight ends coming into the 2023 season.

1. Brant Keith, senior, Utah
Brant Quit |: Steve Wilson / Utah Athletics

K:He was one of the best tight ends in Pac-12 history until he was unfortunately injured in 2022.

If he returns healthy, look for him to have another Dalton Kincaid-like season in 2022 and easily be the best running back in the conference, if not the nation.

2. Benjamin Jurosek, senior, Stanford
Benjamin Jurosek |: Craig Mitcheldyer/isiphotos.com

Y:Urosek is struggling on a Stanford team that has struggled in recent years, but no.

He’s a complete package tight end who goes back to the All-American tight ends of their glory years.

3. Jalyn Conyers, junior, State of Arizona
Jalin Conyers Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

C:Oyers had more than 400 receiving yards and five touchdowns against a bad ASU team last year. He needs to do more in Kenny Dillingham’s offense.

4. Terence Ferguson, junior, Oregon
Terrance Ferguson |: Oregon Athletics

T:He Oregon’s big target really broke out in 2022 with nearly 400 yards and five touchdowns. He may be even better in 2023.

5. Tanner McLachlan, senior, Arizona
Tanner McLachlan |: Kelly Presnell, Arizona Daily Star

P:The mastermind of Arizona’s deadly passing attack, McLachlan had more than 450 yards receiving and several touchdowns last year.

He could see more targets in 2023 when Dorian Singer leaves for USC.

6. Jack Westover, senior, Washington
Jack Westover |: DailyUW.com

a a former walk-on who has turned into a really nice piece for Washington’s offense. He had over 30 receptions, 300 yards and scored a touchdown in 2022.

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