I’ve been bitten on the nose by my neighbor’s bloodthirsty pit bulls, whose kids thought they were cute

A MAN’S nose was ripped off in a vicious attack by his neighbour’s pit bulls outside his own front door.

Marcus Kizaza initially thought the dogs were being “friendly” when they jumped on him in his driveway.

Part of Marcus Kizaza's nose was torn off by two pit bulls


Part of Marcus Kizaza’s nose was torn off by two pit bullsCredit: NBC5
First responders tend to an injured Marcus when a dog runs nearby


First responders tend to an injured Marcus when a dog runs nearbyCredit: NBC5
A fireman protects a rabid animal with a stick


A fireman protects a rabid animal with a stickCredit: NBC5

Doorbell camera footage shows the two dogs wagging their tails as Marcus arrives at the house and greets them with a pat on the head.

In the video, his daughter, who was watching from inside, can be heard saying: “Hello, dog. Aw, he’s so cute.”

But all of a sudden, they were violently attacked in Fort Worth, Texas.

Marcus ran screaming down the street as they pierced his face, legs and arm.

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Three women and a man were taken to hospital with injuries from the dog attack

He eventually jumped into another neighbor’s pickup truck to escape, local TV station NBC5 reported.

“He was yelling really loud and the dogs were really mean,” said witness Bianca Mireles.

“We realized that there is a part of his nose under our car.”

She called 911 and reported the effects of the attack.

His video shows the dogs still circling the pickup as paramedics on the roof begin treating the injured Marcus.

A dog is also seen impaling the fireman with a pole.

Bianca added: “The dogs were just trying to attack whoever was around.

“So if you were on the ground, they were going to attack you.”

A police officer ran over one of the dogs with his patrol car and killed it.

The other was caught by animal control officers.

Bianca said: “I just saw them carrying the (dead) dog in a big red bag and then they sprinkle water on the ground.

“We would like to know who they belong to and hopefully, you know, they can be charged.”

Marcus spent more than a week in hospital following the attack on February 16 and is still recovering from his painful injuries at home.

She says she is too embarrassed to go out without a face mask.

Marcus told the local station. “I can’t talk much.

“I don’t want people to just see this, you know?”

The third operation is scheduled for next week.

In the meantime, he hasn’t been able to work, so his family turned to GoFundMe to help with living expenses and $30,000 in medical bills.

Wife Leslie said the family was desperately trying to make ends meet.

He said. “We still have a mortgage to pay. We still have children to feed. That’s why I need to know where the dog’s owner is.”

Fort Worth police said they issued the owner two citations for loose dogs.

But the family’s attorney, Cole McNeill, is demanding that police file a criminal case, which could be followed by a civil suit.

He added: “Marcus and his family have set up a GoFundMe and we are working to spread it to help the family with medical bills and expenses.

“The family does not work. They incurred a lot of medical bills.”

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Marcus Kizaza says he is too embarrassed to leave home without a mask


Marcus Kizaza says he is too embarrassed to leave home without a maskCredit: NBC5
His wife filed for medical expenses


His wife filed for medical expensesCredit: Gofundme

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