It’s a shame for the Orange Army to get rid of these players from Sunrisers, see the estimated retention rate.

IPL 2023 के लिये भूह ही शिबारा गुजरा where the teams showed resistance in the playoffs until the end, but some teams are completely different, including the Sunrisers Hyderabad… the Ashes Hyderabad… the army has one super-stars with many stormy batsmen. То катилана большей тех, как ек байс тем ка перевод каби на на карне каши карне качественный качественный качественный игры.

Sunrisers Hyderabad रही फिर तबल के रही फिर तबल के स You

With the intention of ending the 2016 bye-bye season, Sunrisers Hyderabad released several players and formed a new team with around a dozen new players. At the same time, the team changed the captain, but could not change it, and again the same problem continued, and the team was able to win only a few matches in a row.

IPL 2023
IPL 2023

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Only 4 days in 14 league matches

The Orange Army was very disappointed with the new captain, Eden Markk, and was at the bottom of the 10 teams. This time the Hyderabad team won only 4 matches out of 14 league matches and was the lowest team in ten points. With this bad performance, the team not only disappointed Faval Aep, but also disappointed his teammates.

To post a message, you must ज, देखे रिटेन-रिलीज लिस्त

Now that this season ends in a shameful way, the Orange Army will once again want to improve the next series. With the same intention, she is going to come down, because she wants to drop some players during the process, not before the season. It is very unlikely that at least he will show the way out. In which they talk about writing, Mayank Agarwal, Abhir Brook, Heinrich Klaasen, Glenn Firch, the young ballplayers, Rant Sharma, Abdul Samad, Rahul Trikad, Rahul Trikada will be there. To post a message you need to be हेंगे, तो अक्षा ती नतराजन, उमरान मलिक, मलिकक सेन, कार्टिक त्यागी का रहना ताय धिक्ष रहक तो आक्षा में वॉआंटन सुदर, आआआल मार्केंडेय, आआआद उूकील हैसाइन हैसैन हुव साइ. To post a message, you must be அநம்ப்பர்பைட்டை, सानवीर सिंग, उपेयने आदव, मायंक डागर, फजलहक फॉरूखी, समार्थ फजलहक फॉरूखी, समार्थ वा माना जा जा है. In this way, even after a bad performance, they are going to make more changes than a good one. तो चालीय गुदे हैन, रिटेन-रिलीज प्लेयं

estimated retained player list- Aden Markram, Mayank Aggarwal, Abhishek Mayank Aggarwal, अब्येंक मायंक अग्रवाल ल ट्रिपाटी, हैरी ब्रूक, बुद्वल समाद, ग्रूक स, विवरान्त शर्मा, हिन्रिच कलसुन, निमा इद्डी, अदिल रशीद, वि दर, Akil Hussain , Marko Jansen, Bhuvnesh. Natrajan, Umran Malik, Karthik Tyagi,

estimated release player list- Anmolpreet Singh

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