Is The Mastiff A Dog Breed For You?

“Is a Mastiff a good breed for you?” is definitely a question you should ask yourself before going ahead and jumping into buying any dog for that matter, let alone a Mastiff.

Here, we will talk about the pros and cons to having a Mastiff as your pet to help you decipher whether or not this breed is a good fit for you.

So, when thinking about a Mastiff, the first thing that generally comes to mind is their adorable, cute droopy faces and the massive size that they possess. But, there is so much more to this breed than what meets the eye.

For starters, Mastiffs are very loving, gentle, mean green slobber machines. Out of all the dog breeds out there the Mastiff is one of the largest breeds in which can range in size anywhere between 26 inches to 36 inches at the shoulders.

If that doesn’t help you get an idea of their size than believe me when I say that their weight can range from anywhere between 120lbs to 225+lbs.

Now that’s a big dog! When thinking about a Mastiffs size, you probably start to wonder how much food they can consume. A full grown Mastiff can consume between 6-8 cups of high quality food PER DAY!

That much food per day would call for a pretty expensive dog food bill. So, make sure to keep your finances in mind before bringing one of these wonderful companions home with you.

Now, speaking on companions, Mastiffs are very sensitive breeds, they yearn for human companionship. They are not meant to be left outside or chained up.

If you are someone that doesn’t exactly have enough space for such a large dog than maybe you should consider a smaller breed.

When a Mastiff is subjected to a nonsocial atmosphere as well as little human contact, it is easy for them to acquire behavioral problems. So, make sure that you are someone who will be very involved with your pet because this breed thrives off of that!

Okay, now ask yourself if you are someone who is willing to wash your walls on occasion and mop the floors more than usual because with the amount of drool that a Mastiff has will be keeping you on your toes as far as clean up goes. “Spit happens”.

Mastiffs are known for being a guard dog, and a guardian breed. They work more along the lines of a watch dog rather than a guard dog because they often like to let out a few deep barks to let intruders or strangers know that they are not accepted until the owners give approval.

With that said, Mastiffs can be pretty territorial. They will protect their surroundings and their family. A pretty big rule of thumb with Mastiffs is if looking to become a owner of two of the same breed you will want to have them be of opposite sex. Mastiffs are same sex aggressive.

Lastly, as said earlier, keeping your financial situation in mind is important when purchasing these breeds because Mastiff care is very expensive. It’s not just their food that costs a lot, it’s everything as a whole, such as, toys, vet bills, vaccines, etc. Make sure that you are not only making the right choice for you but that deserving Mastiff as well.

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