Is a German Shepherd The Right Dog For Me?

The question that a lot of people ask themselves before they go ahead and make a purchase toward a pet, in this case, a dog is… Is this animal the right fit for me?

Well, I am here to answer your questions as to why a German Shepherd would be a great fit for you or why you might decide to try out another breed instead.

I am going to start by saying that German Shepherds are an incredibly intelligent breed. They are easy to train and always willing to learn new commands.

The downfall to their intelligence is that if not trained properly they are easy to disobey as well as become destructive.

The reason for bad behavior, in most cases, is that they are extremely active and energetic and without proper guidance and an appropriate outlet to release some of that energy, they become rambunctious and misbehave.

If you are a first time dog owner, a German Shepherd will probably not be suitable as a first choice.

German Shepherds generally need to be placed in a active home setting with an experienced dog owner who has lots of time and energy to provide the right care, exercise, social atmosphere and training skills.

It’s also important to note that German Shepherds require a strong leadership and consistency. It’s sometimes hard to find the right pair for these breeds due to the fact that they are bred from a long history of high level activity.

Originally, a German Shepherd was bred as a versatile working dog. This breed is known for dabbling their paws into jobs such as herding, police work and even military work as well.

Now, here’s a question you should definitely ask yourself before considering bringing in one of these beautiful breeds into your home.

Are you someone who doesn’t mind lots of shedding or is that a game changer? As you probably know, German Shepherds have quite a bit of hair, which in fact, does make them a pretty big candidate for shedding.

These dogs can grow anywhere between 60-90lbs fully grown which gives you some insight on how much fur you could be expecting to clean up throughout your house year round.

Another pretty important thing to consider is the investment you will be making as far as maintaining these loyal, energetic breeds. German Shepherds can be a pretty expensive breed to feed due to how large they are and the fact that they are a breed that can require a higher quality food.

It’s not only the food that poses as an expense you should thoroughly think through but also vet bills, treats, toys, training expenses/classes, name tags, collars, etc. All these things will add up over the years and can become quite the financial investment that truly needs commitment.

A German Shepherd is honestly a great family dog, so if you are looking for a breed that would fit perfect with your family than this breed would be a wonderful choice.

You should keep in mind though, that they are not a breed to be kept in confined spaces. I actually read somewhere that German Shepherds are often referred to as “velcro breeds” due to the fact that they like to be right behind foot which I find to be the loyalty they possess.

Just remember that your time, energy and commitment is extremely important when it comes to these breeds. So, the question left is Is a German Shepherd the right for you?

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