Introduction to Terrorism Threat Analysis 2020

Introduction to Terrorism Threat Analysis 2020

Get a quick overview of terrorism threat analysis. Learn how to find the data and tools available for analysis.

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  • Fundamentals of Event-Driven Terrorism Threat Analysis Using Open Source Data and the TTA App from High Order Analytics

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The demand:

  • A web browser and Internet access, no prior knowledge of Analytics, intelligence practices, or terrorism studies are required.


This course is aimed at those tasked with the safety and security of crowds or event gatherings. The purpose of this content is to inform and familiarize you with the Terror Threat Analytics application by High Order Analytics for use in event-based terrorist threat analysis.

Aggregating and analyzing data on terrorism, groups and individuals is a difficult task. It continues to grow daily with ever-expanding international and domestic terrorist threats emerging online and condensing around a hate/isolation/violence approach to global social issues.

As it currently stands, there is no other program that offers this functionality available and open to the public. In our efforts to support the continued safety of the public, we felt compelled to put this course together to educate those with safety and risk concerns.

This is a quick course designed to introduce the average user to and master the use of the TTA application for use in your jurisdiction, municipality or region.

Free Online Course Who is this course for?

  • Disaster management, public safety, private security, event planners, law enforcement and insurance professionals
  • Data scientists, researchers, public policy professionals

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