Introducing the ChatGPT app for iOS

Since launching ChatGPT, we’ve heard from users that they love using ChatGPT on the go. Today we’re launching the ChatGPT app for iOS.

The ChatGPT app is free to use and sync your history across devices. It also integrates Whisper, our open source speech recognition system, enabling voice input. ChatGPT Plus subscribers get exclusive access to GPT-4 features, early access to features and faster response times, all on iOS.

Discover the versatility of ChatGPT.

  • Instant answers. Get accurate information without ads or sifting through multiple results.
  • Customized advice. Seek guidance on cooking, travel plans, or crafting thoughtful messages.
  • Creative inspiration. Create gift ideas, outline presentations or write the perfect poem.
  • Professional investment. Increase productivity with idea feedback, note summarization, and technical support for topics.
  • Learning opportunities. Explore new languages, modern history and more at your own pace.

We are launching our rollout in the US and will be expanding to other countries in the coming weeks. We want to see how you use the app. As we collect user feedback, we are committed to continually improving ChatGPT’s features and security.

With the ChatGPT app for iOS, we’re taking another step toward our mission of turning cutting-edge research into useful tools that empower people while making them more accessible.

PS Android users, you’re next! ChatGPT is coming to your devices soon.

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